MacBook Battery Full Notification Via Email & Toast Github

MacBooks have been known to possess a good battery life and are a strong contender in the laptop world. These apple devices have a good AI engine that strictly monitors the battery life in fine detail.

So now if we come to think that this feature, if combined with a DIY hack, then it sure would make sense as it would just make the user experience even better.

For that, there is a way to really use the scenario to the user’s advantage by creating our own battery full notification using a bit of a popular coding language called python.

This hack is definitely for those users out there who want to use the MacBook in their day-to-day life and want to protect their battery life and keep it healthy for a long time.

This simple python script will help the user get a notification whenever the Macbook is successfully charged even by not in its vicinity.

Features of the MacBook DIY

  • The user can set the desired battery percentage number to get only that specific amount of charge to their MacBook
  • Users will get notifications in their email when the MacBook is charged
  • Get a Toast notification when fully charged

Not only that, the developer – Owen Singh, who also created the future gaming website, also plans to take this project to a whole new level by introducing WhatsApp notifications and free notifications on text as well!

With that said, it is also strongly advised according to a Source called ‘How to greek’ – Keeping your MacBook connected for a long time even after it is chared can potentially damage the battery and reduce its lifespan drastically.

Go visit his website for checking out the source code and build your own DIY MacBook back right now!

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