The Best way to Install NVIDIA Drivers on your PC & Save RAM

Have you been trying to Download and Install NVIDIA drivers the default way as everyone does? As a PC user, we can tell, we all have been installing the NVIDIA drivers the wrong way.

The Normal NVIDIA Installation takes many small installations also if you install the drivers from the NVIDIA Geforce, you have an extra software on your PC that is going to take Load in background process.

Normal Way to Install NVIDIA Drivers

There are currently two official ways to download NVIDIA drivers which are –

  1. From NVIDIA Geforce Experience
  2. Direct Download from Official Site

Besides the Geforce Experience software, where you have to Login first before getting the actual latest updates, there is an another simple way you can download the Drivers from the Official Website.

Why you don’t need Normal Installation

Installing normally the graphics drivers takes lots of load in the process, specially if you are on a low end PC. As the normal installation will install many small internal NVIDIA parts of installations that you will not need.

So, Instead of Installing whole load on your windows, you can install the only required parts of NVIDIA with this method.

Check out this Tutorial, where you will learn a new method of installing NVIDIA Graphics drivers which will save lots of space and Load off your Windows.

Remove Existing Graphics Drivers

Before moving further, first you need to get rid of your old NVIDIA graphics drivers currently installed, here you will be recommended a Useful tool which will do all the clean for you.

  1. Download and Install DDU Uninstaller
  2. Run the DDU file and Extract the files
  3. Open Extracted Folder, Run Display Driver Uninstaller.exe
  4. Choose the GPU & NVIDIA in the second
  5. Click Clean and Restart (Highly Recommended)

Note : It is always safe to go in safe mode first, then clean the drivers. Cleaning in safe mode is recommended.

Install new NVIDIA Graphic Drivers (New Method)

Now the main part is to install the real drivers which is really important. As we saw above you can always have two methods of downloading the drivers normally, but to save load in process, we will follow this method.

To install, you will need NVCleanstall software, that will allow you to customize your GPU drivers that you are installing. You probably dont need these extra GPU drivers that comes normally when you install the drivers.

  1. Download and Install NVCleanstall
  2. Choose Install best driver for my hardware
  3. Now Choose only the Required components that you actually need
  4. Or choose the options below : All, Recommended, Minimum
  5. It will choose the only Limited drivers according to your choice
  6. At last, Click Next, then Install the Components.

Now The Driver Installer will be open same as normal installation, Install it like normal installation, and you are good to go.

This Software is very much useful and will allow you to manually Install the components of NVIDIA Graphics drivers that comes with it default, and at last you will save a lots of background process and storage space.

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