The Top 10 Most Anticipated NFT Games Coming in 2022 – List

NFT Games are the best way to earn money while playing, you can play games and earn NFT’s. The NFT Games Market is now trending in the Technology, and experiencing major growth.

If you are a NFT game lover, these New NFT games will be definitely give you amazing gaming experience and making money, all of these games will be released in the future.

In this Post, we will Provide you the Best, Highly Anticipated NFT games that you have been waiting for. These Projects are currently working, and can be released in the year 2022 or 2023.

1) Ember Sword

Embersword is an Upcoming Role Playing game, where you can deal, buy, sells the skins. You can earn some valuable skins, while playing the game, and then earn money by selling those skins to other players.

So Grind into this game, and get some cool skins. This game is 100% genuine play, there is no pay to win here. Everything you earn in this game depends upon your hardwork in game.

2) Fortified

Fortified is again a unique concept NFT upcoming game, which is looking awesome. It is an Upcoming NFT Tower Defence game.

In this game, There are your Lands, Towers, which you have to defend. By defending these you will be rewarded NFT’s.

You have to level up your Lands, Towers to make them more strong, and get real money!

3) Illuviam

Illuviam is a upcoming NFT game, which is inspired by Pokeon RPG Universe. Where you have to capture the Iluuvials, which are the game monsters. Also battling them against other players for Etherium.

Illuviam is an AAA style game, which is actally amazing to play, and has been incredible team behind making this cool game.

4) Sandbox Blockchain

The Sandbox game is really cool and fun to play! and supposed to be released earlier in middle of the 2021. The concept used in this game is really unique.

There is a Player owned sandbox world, where players can buy their own games and NFT to use in the games that they are making.

So get yourself a land in Sandbox Blockchain, and earn money!

5) Spider Tank Project

Next Game here Upcoming is Spider Tank Project. Spider Tank is a MOBA styled game, which means Massive Online Battle Arena NFT based game.

In this game, you will have to buy some smalls tanks, and by playing you can upgrade these tanks and make them more powerful. Also you can sell these tanks to other players when it is fully levelled up.

By Selling the tanks, you can really earn, this game is so much fun to play. The Alpha version is already there, you can check the gameplay here.

6) Echoes of Empire

Echoes of Empire is a fun Space 4X strategic game, where you can do many things to earn NFT’s. You can gather resources, Destroying your opponents, Exploiting the Environment.

This game is cool, the concept used is very unique and made by Gala games. Echoes of Empire is a futuristic space MMO set in a world where humanity has spread beyond our solar system, establishing colonies and bases all throughout the galaxy.

Players assume the role of a wealthy family, hoping to build their empire. The parts where you will get NFT’s is not confirmed yet, but Player Ownership is the sure part of earning NFT’s

7) Axie Infinity’s Lunacia

Lunacia is a upcoming Expansion to the game Axie Infinity Universe. Which is a huge play to earn game, popular worldwide. It acts as homes and bases of operation for their Axies.

So Play this game, Spend some time and get to earn NFT’s. Plots can be upgraded through time with the help of a variety of resources and crafting ingredients found throughout the game.

8) Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a fun, cool game which will be a mobile game basically, and can be playable on most of the Android devices without any issues.

It is a NFT role playing game, where have to battle dungeons, with your team which is guardians. You can earn NFT’s by clearing the missions, killing the Dungeons, By crafting items in game.

So Clearing the Dungeons, and Doing further missions will give you some real cryptocurrencies.

9) Star Atlas

Star Atlas is really awesome huge Multiplayer game, with amazing graphics for the NFT game. The fraphics used in this game is from Unity Engine 5, which adds special effects in this game.

Players in Star Atlas can trade and obtain NFT’s, Also Players can build their cities, create microeconomies in game, and create Autonomous Decentralized Organisations (DAO) to govern the regions.

10) Mirandus

Mirandus is a MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game, Which has a lots of Potential of Earning NFT’s while playing this game.

You can Earn NFT’s in this game easily with different tasks in game. Player ownership is the most demanded thing here in this game.

Earn easy NFT’s by By Killing the Dungeons, owning Buildings, Running Shops, Temples and others. This game has many different ways to earn NFT’s which makes this game amazing.

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