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Best COD Modern Warfare II(2) Weapons Tier List 2022

With the Call of Duty Next event done right and the beta program, up for console users Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the hype among gamers. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a First person Shooter game and it is gathering huge attention because of the many improvements done in the game by Infinity Ward.

In any First Person Shooter game weapons are the most important asset for a player of the game. The guide will be ranking out the best weapons/guns for the players so that you won’t be defeated on the battlefield because of bad firepower.

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These rankings are done on the available guns in the public beta and as the full game releases, these rankings will be updated. Let’s get into it:

Class S Weapons

  1. Lachman-556 (HK33)(AR)– An AR with a fantastic combination of Recoil Control and Damage. This gun can potentially take over the M4 but as of right now, all attachments aren’t available for it, so we can’t be sure of it yet.
  2. M4 (AR)- The M4, there’s not much to say about this one. This gun’s counterpart in MW2019 dominated the game. This M4 here however isn’t as dominant as MW2019s but still is a fantastic gun overall.
  3. Lachman Sub (MP5)(SMG)- The MP5 is arguably the best SMG in the game. It offers great mobility and super fast TTK at close range.
  4. FSS Hurricane (M4 with P90-style magazines)(SMG)- This gun is the first hybrid gun on the list. This gun does the job of both an AR and SMG it has great mobility of an SMG, fantastic stability of an AR and an impressive TTK at close and mid-range.
  5. Signal 50 (GM6 Lynx)(Sniper)- This gun is currently the only sniper in the game and it lives up to the class it is placed in. This gun has a strong aim to assist and is able to shoot people anywhere on the body, at least in multiplayer for now.

Class A Weapons

  1. Fennec 45 (Vector)(SMG)– The vector SMGs have always been impressive in close range and this one also lives up to the name. This gun, thanks to its crazy rate of fire kills the enemy super fast but there are two huge drawbacks. First, it’s easy to burn through its mag and second is that the damage drop-off over the range is very significant.
  2. RAPP H (LMG)– The game style in MW2 is fast-paced and bringing an LMG is a disadvantage because of its low mobility, but this gun fares well with other gun’s on this list as it has good recoil control, great damage and an impressive rate of fire.
  3. FTAC Recon (M4 with higher calibre)(Battle Rifle)– Tough it is terrible at the base, this gun can be made into a good mid-range weapon with attachments. Just add some big magazines and good recoil control and you’re good to go.
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Class B Weapons

  1. Kastov 74-U (AK-74)(AR)– Despite being in the AR class this gun can be considered as an SMG. It has quite the vertical recoil but has a fast TTK which makes it worthy of it’s placing on the list.
  2. Expedite 12 (Benelli M4)(Shotgun)- If in the hands of a skilful shotgun player this gun can wreak havoc. It can one-shot anything in the range of 5 metres, keep in mind the follow-up shots aren’t fast and the damage after 5 metres is terrible.
  3. 556 Icarus (M4 with belt-fed receiver)(LMG)- Another LMG in the list, this one makes the list because of its reliability, it is still viable but there are better options in the game.

Class C Weapons

  1. M16 (AR)– Unlike the Original M16 in this gun struggles in MW2. It cannot one burst people and demands more accuracy from the player using it. It can perform well at long range on single shot mode.
  2. SAKIN MG38 (M249)(LMG)– It is a classic heavy LMG with high damage and terrible mobility. You will do great damage but the mobility is so bad that you won’t even get the chance to fire the gun.

Class D Weapons

  1. Lockwood MK2(Marksman Rifle)– To summarise this gun we can say that if you make the shot you live, if you miss you die. MK2 requires rechamber a round after each shot, so you need unbelievable accuracy to make it viable in the game.

These were the best weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. For the more latest news, guides, tips and tricks related to games and technology make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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