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Dragon Ball Legends Tier List (Every Best Characters) 2022

Dragon Ball Legends is a mobile game that was released by Bandai Namco back in 2018. It is a card-based PvP game where both you and your opponent get three cards each and you have to hit each other’s cards until one of the players reach 0 HP in all of the cards. The other player becomes the winner of the match.

Now, with such a wide variety of characters in the game and so many different combinations possible, some characters are bound to outshine the others in the game. This is where the tier list comes in. The game is very competitive and it’s fair to refer to a tier list for making your favorite team.

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List

This tier list is based on observation and intense research. Given the variation in the game, the tier list can be wrong in some instances and there is no tier list that can be 100% accurate. Still, we tried our best to isolate every character and rate them according to their true potential.

The tier list is divided in S, A, B, D, and F tiers signifying the highest-rated characters as S and lowest-rated characters as F. With all that out of the way, let’s dive into it.

S-Tier Characters

SP Trunks – KidGreen
SP Goku Black Green
SP LL Vegeta (Majin)Blue
SP Super Saiyan God SS VegitoBlue
SP Super Saiyan 2 KeflaGreen
SP Goten – KidYellow
SP Android 16Green
SP Super Saiyan Goku – RoCGreen
SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth GohanRed
SP Youth GokuYellow
SP Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta – FuturePurple
SP Perfect Form Cell – RevivedRed
SP Final Form CoolerBlue
HE ShallotLight
SP Super Saiyan 3 GokuPurple
EX GogetaRed
SP BasilBlue

A-Tier Characters

SP BardockRed
SP VegitoYellow
SP Golden FriezaGreen
SP Demon King PiccoloYellow
SP Super Saiyan GotenksRed
SP Gohan – AdultBlue
EX NappaRed
SP Super Saiyan BardockBlue
SP Majin Buu – GoodGreen
SP Teen TrunksPurple
SP Omega ShenronRed
SP Android 21 – EvilPurple
EX RibrianneYellow
SP Super Saiyan Trunks – Adult RageYellow
EX VidelRed
SP Fusion ZamasuPurple
SP Youth TrunksBlue
SP Super Saiyan God SS VegetaGreen
SP Broly – CheelaiBlue
SP Super Saiyan 4 GokuPurple
SP Super Baby 2Blue
HE World Champion HerculeBlue
SP Super Saiyan God SS GokuRed
SP Super Full Power Saiyan 4 GokuGreen
EX RaditzBlue
SP Super Kaioken GokuGreen
SP Android 18Yellow
SP Super Saiyan Teen TrunksRed
EX KakunsaGreen
SP Super VegitoPurple
SP LavenderPurple

B-Tier Characters

SP GohanGreen
SP GogetaBlue
SP Super Saiyan 3 GokuGreen
SP Android 21Blue
EX Super VegetaGreen
SP Super 17Green
SP Super GogetaGreen
SP BergamoRed
SP Android 17Purple
SP GokuGreen
EX Gohan – KidPurple
SP Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan GokuYellow
EX Super Saiyan GokuPurple
SP Android 18Red
SP 1st Form FriezaPurple
SP Android 14Green
SP VegitoRed
SP Final Form Frieza: Full PowerYellow
SP Super Saiyan Teen Trunks – Battle ArmorRed
SP TurlesYellow
SP Ultimate Gohan Absorbed Buu – SuperGreen
SP Angry GokuBlue
SP God of Destruction BeerusGreen
SP Full Power BoujackPurple
SP RaditzGreen
SP PiccoloYellow
SP Super Saiyan Rose Goku BlackRed
SP Super Saiyan Youth GohanYellow
SP Vegeta – Super SaiyanBlue
SP BardockYellow
SP Perfect CellYellow
SP Perfect Form CellRed
SP Final Form FriezaRed
SP Saiyan Saga GokuBlue
EX Android 14Blue
SP Super Saiyan Kid GotenPurple
SP Super Saiyan 4 VegetaRed
SP Syn ShenronYellow
SP MaiGreen
EX WhisRed
EX Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyYellow
SP CoolerPurple

D-Tier Characters

SP Super Saiyan 3 GokuRed
SP Super Trunks PurplePurple
SP VegetaPurple
SP RibrianneBlue
SP Hero TapionRed
SP VegetaGreen
SP Fusion Android 13Red
SP Super Saiyan VegetaBlue
SP GokuRed
SP Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyBlue
SP PikkonRed
SP Kakarot GokuRed
SP Otherworld Super Saiyan GokuYellow
SP Goku BlackPurple
SP Super Saiyan 2 CauliflaPurple
SP Android 13Blue
SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth GohanPurple
SP Super JanembaPurple
SP Goku Captain GinyuRed
SP Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan GokuBlue
SP BojackYellow
SP Super Saiyan Teen GohanGreen
SP Majin VegetaRed
SP Young NappaPurple
SP Super Saiyan GokuYellow
SP 1st Form FriezaBlue
SP Baby VegetaGreen
SP Buu – SuperPurple
SP Super Saiyan God GokuPurple
SP Ultimate GohanGreen
SP Goku BlackYellow
SP Super Saiyan God GokuRed
SP Gotenks Absorbed Buu – SuperBlue
SP Super Saiyan GohanYellow
SP Super JanembaRed
SP VidelYellow
SP Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan VegetaPurple

F-Tier Characters

SP Great Saiyaman 2Red
SP KakunsaPurple
SP Metal CoolerRed
SP Buu – KidRed
SP Super Saiyan Kid TrunksYellow
SP Super Saiyan GokuYellow
SP HitYellow
SP Great Saiyaman 1Purple
SP Super TrunksGreen
SP GokuBlue
SP Super Saiyan Kid GokuGreen
SP Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyGreen
SP Broly – FuryRed
SP PiccoloGreen
SP Super Saiyan GokuRed
SP Android 18Blue
SP ZamasuRed
SP Super Saiyan VegetaYellow
SP BardockGreen
SP Super Saiyan Kid GotenGreen
SP Captain GinyuGreen
SP Fused with Kami PiccoloBlue
SP GotenksPurple
SP Super Saiyan Berserk KvaleRed
SP Yardrat Super Saiyan GokuRed
SP Youth BulmaBlue
SP Fused with Kami PiccoloYellow
SP Kaioken GokuBlue
SP Super VegetaYellow
SP Hyper Meta-RilldoRed
SP Kid GohanYellow
SP ChilledPurple
SP CoolerGreen
SP PaikuhanYellow
SP 1st Form CellGreen
SP Final Form FriezaYellow
SP RozieYellow
SP KrillinBlue
SP PanBlue
SP Super Saiyan CabbaGreen
SP Super Saiyan VegetaRed
SP Taitans YamchaPurple
SP Super Saiyan GokuGreen
SP Android 15Purple
SP Super Saiyan TrunksBlue
SP Super Saiyan Teen GohanBlue
SP Super Saiayan 3 GotenksYellow
SP Super Saiyan GokuBlue
SP Super Saiyan GotenksPurple
SP Super GogetaRed
SP Super Saiyan God VegetaYellow
SP GotenksGreen
SP Super Saiyan Vegeta 2Purple
SP Super Saiyan BrolyPurple
SP TurlesPurple
SP Chi-ChiGreen
SP Youth Bunny Girl BulmaGreen
SP Super Namekian Lord SlugBlue
SP King of the Demon Realm DaburaBlue

That is all for Dragon Ball Legends tier list. Hope this article was helpful!

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