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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Space Traveling Warriors Tier List 2022

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan is a game released for mobile platforms and is one of if not the best dragon ball games on that platform. In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan your goal is to create the strongest assemble a team of characters from the Dragon Ball Universe to fight the various dangers of the in-game world.

Dragon Ball Dokkan is a completely new take on the Dragonball franchise and features Pokemon-styled turned-based combat and is not really a fighting game like most Dragon Ball Z. Fans of the series have praised the game for its fresh take and accessibility due to it being on the mobile platform.

The game features most of the characters from the Dragon Ball universe due to which the number of characters in the game is just insane. So when picking a team it might be a good idea to know which characters are stronger than the others and that is why we have decided to create this tier list of all the characters in Dragon Ball Dokan and divide them into 3 tiers S, A, and, B. Since, almost all the characters in the game are viable and none of them is completely useless, we have decided not to go below the B tier.

Source- Google playstore

S Tier

These are the must-pick characters that go well with any team composition. The characters featured in this tier are the strongest and we highly recommend that you try to put them on your team as your chances of winning would increase massively with a strong set of characters. The characters in the S tier are listed below-

  • Global Harmony Through Destruction Beerus & Whis
  • Galaxy-Threatening Invasion Full Power Boujack (Galactic Warrior)
  • Destroyers of the Universe Team Turles
  • Extreme Ultimate Power Cooler
  • Ultimate Malign Being Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)
  • Majesty of the Mighty Jiren (Full Power)
  • Reign of Terror Frieza (1st Form)
  • Hot-Blooded God of Destruction Beerus
  • Last-Ditch Attack Frieza (Full Power)
  • Power Beyond Right and Wrong Toppo (God of Destruction Mode)
  • Rageful Erasure Frieza (Final Form)
  • Explosive Evolution Turles
  • Murderous Overlord Boujack

A Tier

These are solid and dependable picks that won’t disappoint you and the only reason they are in the A tier is that they lack the power of the characters featured in the S Tier. This tier also features some characters that might even fit your team better than the ones in the S tier, so keep on experimenting and make sure to at least try these characters with your different teams. The characters in the A tier are listed below –

  • Best Measure Whis
  • Evil Paralysis Zangya
  • Dazzling Life Force Bardock
  • Onslaught of Fire and Fury Dyspo (Super Speed Mode)
  • Devastating Punishment Beerus
  • Unprecedented Tension Vados
  • Almighty Cleave Cooler
  • Endless Adventure Goku (GT) & Pan (GT) & Trunks (GT)
  • Earth-Piercing Light Frieza (Final Form)
  • Explosive Super Elite Vegeta
  • Catastrophic Rage Frieza (Final Form)
  • Rampaging Vicious Saiyans Nappa/Vegeta
  • Emperor’s Devotion Frieza (Full Power)
  • Cold-Hearted Warrior Raditz
  • Umpire of Annihilation Beerus
  • Light to Protect Peace Toppo (Pride Troopers)
  • Absolute Power Jiren
  • Assassin’s Ultimate Technique Hit
  • Wings Spread Out to the Cosmos Pan (GT) (Honey)
  • Victorious Smile Pan (GT)
  • Total Invasion Tora
  • Evolution to Match Strength Hit
  • Plucky Low-Class Warrior Tora (Giant Ape)
  • Saiyan Strike! Vegeta (Dokkan Butoden)

B Tier

These are the characters you don’t really want to use and are only there to do the bare minimum. They are not by any means unusable but they are not particularly good and do not fit really well with most of the team compositions. The characters in B Tier are –

  • Ruthless Invader Raditz
  • Storm of Terror Frieza (2nd Form)
  • Fictitious Universe’s Strongest Beerus (Monaka Costume)
  • Proudest Moment Brianne de Chateau
  • Resolute Execution Cooler (Final Form)
  • Life of the Party Pan (GT)
  • Expanding Possibility Hit
  • Swirling Ambition Turles (Giant Ape)
  • Angelic Instruction Whis
  • Namekian Mutation Lord Slug
  • Wayward God Beerus
  • Power Demonstrated in Clashes Bardock (Giant Ape)
  • Charming Girl’s Dance Super Ribrianne
  • Tyrannical Maelstrom Full Power Boujack
  • Daring Planetary Invasion Vegeta (Kid) & Raditz (Kid)
  • Master of the Yacchaina Fist Rozie
  • Absolute Suppression Turles
  • Magnificent Hunter Kakunsa
  • Grand Tour Companion Giru
  • Infinite Power Borgos
  • Battle-Hardened Hero Bardock
  • Ruffian’s Strike Shugesh
  • Heinous Attack Cooler (Final Form)
  • Cunning Moves Fasha
  • Dominance Through Destruction Champa
  • Low-Class, High-Octane Bardock (Giant Ape)
  • Evil Namekian Lord Slug (Giant Form)
  • Expert in Justice Kahseral (Pride Troopers)
  • Definite Path Vados
  • Rampaging Vengeance Super Baby 2 (Giant Ape)
  • Imprinted Discipline Whis
  • Infinite Love Ribrianne (Giant Form)
  • Feverish Battlefield Borgos (Giant Ape)
  • Ginyu Force Reborn Ginyu (Goku) (Ginyu Force)
  • Sibling Reunion Tarble
  • Guide to the New Beyond Whis
  • Grand Opening Team Bardock
  • The Ultimate Fighting Squadron Captain Ginyu (Ginyu Force)
  • Power for the Death-Match Vegeta (Giant Ape)
  • Courageous Clash Captain Ginyu
  • Thrill of the Fight Beerus
  • Brutal Bind Guldo
  • Lethal Charge Recoome
  • Pride of the Fastest One Burter
  • Atrocious Crackdown Raditz (Giant Ape)
  • Horrific Super Energy Full Power Boujack
  • Battle of Epic Proportions Super Saiyan Goku (GT)
  • Tenacious Battlefield Diva Fasha (Giant Ape)
  • Corroding Menace Super Baby 1
  • Greedy Attack Mode Shugesh (Giant Ape)

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