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Evil dead: The Game Tier list – Every Leader Ranked

Evil Dead: The Game is a horror survival developed and published by Saber Interactive. The game features a cooperative mode and a PvP mode. And as has happened in any game with various characters, the tier list for this game is essential.

The game features a bunch of characters across four different classes which are leader, warrior, hunter, and support. Ideally, a team or cooperative mode would be made out of one character from each of these classes.

The game was launched on May 13, 2022, and currently, there are 3 Leaders in the game. This Evil Dead: The Game tier list will rank all three of these leaders based on their skills and attributes.

Evil Dead: The Game Tier List

Even though there are only three leaders in the game and this tier list is pretty straightforward, there might be instances when you feel like your favorite character deserved a better rank.

This tier list is observational and you can have a different opinion. The goal of this list is to provide new players a head start in their journey to find the character they like the most. With that out of the way, let’s get right into the ranking.

#3 – Lord Arthur

We all love Lord Arthur as a character but his abilities and kit simply aren’t the best. Two of Arthur’s skills are based on increasing melee damage. One of these skills increases the damage dealt by light attacks and the other by heavy attacks. Furthermore, the character deals extra damage if he has a sword in his hand.

The problem is that both the other leaders have only one ability that boosts every kind of damage(ranged for Annie and all of the damage for Ash). His ability, The Lord’s Wrath, also increases melee damage and he inflicts extra damage if he has a sword.

This can sometimes lead to players being forced to leave a better weapon behind just to keep a sword in their hands. Even though he reduces fear among all the teammates, it just doesn’t balance out the rest of his kit making him the weakest leader in the game.

#2 – Annie Knowby

As mentioned before, Annie has only one skill that boosts all of the ranged attacks of your entire team, as far as they are inside the aura. As for the other skills, one of the major abilities that make Annie dangerous to go against is the ability to deal damage to the balance bar of both small and big enemy units. This is what gets her to No.2 in this Evil Dead: The Game tier list.

As an Annie early game, you can already provide damage boosts to all of your team’s ranged damage and if you’re leveled up, enemies can’t even come close to you easily because of the knockback and the damage to the balance bar. With all of these abilities, Annie Knowby is a great leader to play.

#1 – Ash Williams

It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the first spot on this Evil Dead: The Game tier list goes to Ash Williams. One of the best parts about Ash is that he doesn’t leave anyone behind. Every kind of damage is buffed by one of his skills as far as you’re within the aura. It provides a lot of versatility which gets him this spot on the Evil Dead: The Game tier list.

Although, Ash’s chainsaw is nothing out of the ordinary and you can easily get a better weapon in-game. The rest of the abilities that Ash comes with are really good and one of them increases your aura’s strength while performing a finisher.

That is all for this Evil Dead: The Game tier list for al the leaders. Hope it was helpful.

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