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Full DMZ Mission List & Rewards for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

COD’s take on the extraction shooter genre is here—the genre which was made popular by games like Escape from Tarkov. It is not a new game, but a game mode for Warzone 2.0, called DMZ. The operators get to pick one of the three factions, choose missions and play against AI or enemy operators in Al Mazrah, and try to get out alive before they’re killed or the time limit is reached.

Lose all the non-permanent items in your backpack upon dying or find special items or ultra-rare weapons to use in the future. High risk and high reward. There are side objectives, items to loot, points of interest to explore, and contracts. But ultimately, the missions are the focus of the game.

Full Warzone 2.0 DMZ Mission list

Missions are faction based and are divided into five tiers. Completion of each tier will unlock the missions of the subsequent higher tier, but remember, the difficulty only increases as you go up the tier list. Higher difficulty also comes with a bigger reward, making it a worthy trade-off.

The three factions are Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous. On completion of the faction-based missions, you’re rewarded with valuable items, bonus XP or weapon blueprints. Below is a list of all DMZ mode missions grouped by their factions and tiers:

DMZ’s Legion Faction Missions

Tier 1

Al-Qatala InformantActivate one UAV TowerM4 (Contraband) + 5000 XP
Locate and ScavengeFind and loot five caches
Loot five items into your backpack
Pseudo-Private Emblem + 5000 XP
Make ContactUse the Tac-map and ping a contract phone
Find a contract phone and download the intel
Double XP Token + 5000 XP
Storm the StrongholdAcquire a stronghold keycard
Clear a Stronghold of enemy combatants
Extract the White Lotus Intel found on Stronghold Guards
Pendulum Blueprint + 5000 XP

Tier 2

Anti-AirCapture a SAM site
Wait for your SAM site to shoot down an airplane
Loot a dropped supply drop
RPK (Contraband) + 7500 XP
Big SpenderAcquire $60,000 in cash
Spend $60,000 at a shop
Cavern Boat Dock Shack key + 7500 XP
Buried BarrelsComplete a Secure Radioactive Material contract
Loot four items from Radioactive caches
SP- R 208 (Contraband) + 7500 XP
Data CollectionFind and loot a Computer
Extract four thumb drives
Extract five hard drives
Anonymous Operator Skin + 7500 XP
Frame JobPurchase an LTV with a turret at a shop
Use the LTV turret to kill ten enemies in Akhdar Village
Destroy the LTV in Mawizeh Marsh
Pseudo-Private Calling Card + 7500 XP
JunkerDestroy six vehiclesObservers Emblem + 10,000 XP

Tier 3

Commanding IntelAcquire a Secure Intel contract
Complete a Secure intel contract to reveal the location of an enemy commander
Kill a commander
Observers Emblem + 10,000 XP
Dead DropTravel to Al-Mazrah city
Deliver 20 pieces of lethal equipment to the Dumpster Dead Drop in Sarwana Hotel Alley, north of the Al-Mazrah city post office
Traveler’s Luggage Key + 10,000 XP
Fort ScoutTravel to Al Bagra Fortress
Loot 12 caches in Al Bagra Fortress
Kill 30 enemies in Al Bagra Fortress
50 GS (Contraband) + 10,000 XP
Good FortuneUnlock Room 302 on the top floor of the Sawah hotel
Loot and extract the golden .50 GS from the Sawah hotel
TAQ- M (Contrband) + 10,000 XP
No RushingKill ten enemies at Al-Malik terminal with a Sakin MG38 with a 150-round magazine and a Soshki bipod
Shoot down three reinforcement choppers at Al Malik terminal with a Sakin MG38 with a 150-round magazine and a Soshki bipod
‘Tycoon’ Basilisk Blueprint+ 20,000 XP
Recon FlyoverAcquire a recon drone
Tag 20 enemies with a recon drone at Hafid Port
Kill 30 enemies at Hafid port
Signal 50 (Contraband) + 10,000 XP
Tactical ExtractionExtract 13 Gas Grenades
Extract 11 Flash Grenades
Extract 7 Snapshot Grenades
B.C Toolbox Key + 10,000 XP

Tier 4

Intelligence ControlHave five UAV towers active at the same timeHydro Island computer key
Joy Ride
Kill 30 enemies while on the roof of a moving vehicle at Al Sharim Pass
Kill 30 enemies while leaning out of a movie vehicle at Sarrif Bay
TAQ- V( Contraband) + 15,000 XP
Destroy seven vehicles in close succession four timesObservers Calling Card + 15,000 XP
Last Minute EvacAcquire a Durable Gas Mask
Exfil three times using the final exfil with $60,000 cash
Double Weapon XP token + 15,000 XP
Deliver 26 Blow Torches to the dumpster dead drop at the Mawizeh Marsh gas station
Deliver 30 Jumper Cables to the dumpster dead drop at the Mawizeh Marsh gas station
Deliver 14 Car Batteries to the dumpster dead drop north of Al Malik International
RPK (Contraand) + 15,000 XP
Poisoned WellAcquire 6 Gas Grenades in one deployment
Throw 6 Gas Grenades into the open water wells in Zarqwa Hydroelectric in one deployment
Blood Soaked Operator Skin + 15,000 XP
PyromaniacDeliver 20 Gas Cans to the dumpster dead drop at the train depot between Al Safwa Quarry and Rohan Oil
Extract 24 Molotovs or Thermite Grenades
Extract 23 Lighters, Comic Books, Bandages, or Documents
Double XP token + 15,000 XP

Tier 5

All ClearUnlock 5 Strongholds in one deployment
Clear 5 Strongholds in one deployment
Lachmann-762 (Contraband) + 20000 XP
All Fired UpExtract 3500 Pistol/SMG ammo
Extract 6500 AR/LMG ammo
Extract 1200 Shotgun ammo
Punishment Calling Card + 20,000 XP
Battle RivalsKill 81 enemies with an FTac Recon with a Thermo-Optic X9 attached in Sa’id City
Kill 30 operators with an FTac Recon with a 419mm EXF Barrel attached
Special Ops Relay Station key + 20,000 XP
Contractual ObligationsComplete eight unique contracts in a single deploymentControl Tower key + 20,000 XP
Good PrepDeliver 90 Gas Masks to any dumpster dead drop
Extract 100 Radiation Blockers
Expedite 12 (Contraband) + 20,000 XP
Nail in the CoffinPark a vehicle at all 4 gas stations in Zarqwa Hydroelectric
Plant a charge at each gas station on Zarqwa Hydroelectric with a parked vehicle
When all charges are set, climb to the second level of the radio tower in Zarqwa Hydroelectric and detonate
Harbinger (Blueprint) + 20,000 XP
Thirst For KnowledgeComplete 5 contracts each in less than one minuteSwamp Gas Vehicle Skin + 20,000 XP

DMZ’s White Lotus Faction Missions

Tier 1

Badge of HonorAcquire a Basilisk, commonly found in police stations
Kill 13 enemies with headshots using a Basilisk
Basilisk (Contraband) + 5000 XP
ConvenienceFuel and repair vehicles at five gas stations
Extract seven Gas Cans
Kushaak Construction Warehouse key +
5000 XP
DemolitionsAcquire a Destroy Supplies contract
Complete a Destroy Supplies contract
Open a Safe
Double Weapon XP Token + 5000 XP
Fully EncumberedExtract with a full backpackRAPP H (Contraband) + 5000 XP
Flight ReconLand a Light Helo at the Hafid Port helipad
Download the Light Helo’s flight path data
Extract the Light Helo’s flight path data
Steel Ghost Blueprint + 10,000 XP
Health ConsciousLoot a medicine cabinet
Extract nine Stims
Extract six Bandages
White Lotus Emblem + 5000 XP
World TravelerTravel to six different POIs in one deploymentM16 (Contraband) + 5000 XP

Tier 2

Bag ‘Em and Tag ‘EmLoot and extract four enemy Dog Tags
Loot and extract two pieces of Black Mous Intel from Rohan Oil
EBR-14 (Contraband) + 7500 XP
Bombing RunExfil with six Killstreaks in one deploymentQuarry Worker’s Lost Toolbox key + 7500 XP
Death From AboveBuy a Precision Airstrike from a Shop
Use Precision Airstrikes to kill ten enemies
Stronghold Keycard + 7500 XP
Hit and RunRun over 16 enemies with a vehicle
Fully refuel and repair a vehicle at a gas station
LA-B 330 (Contraband) + 7500 XP
Hostage RescueComplete a Rescue Hostage contract
Exfil with the hostage evac helo
30 Minute Double XP + 7500 XP
Intel ExecutedActivate 5 UAV Towers
Kill 20 enemies pinged by UAV Towers
White Lotus Calling Card + 7500 XP
Two BirdsTravel to Al-Safwa Quarry
Kill 18 enemies in the Quarry
Destroy 2 reinforcement helicopters in Al-Safwa Quarry
Defuse Operator Skin + 15,000 XP

Tier 3

Air SupremacyControl 3 SAM sites simultaneouslyLow Profile Calling Card + 10,000 XP
Fast and StrongUnlock a Stronghold door with a keycard
Clear 3 Strongholds each in under 15 seconds after unlocking the Stronghold
Bryson 890 (Contraband) + 10,000 XP
Mall RatKill 20 enemies in the Sa’id City mall without being downed
Kill 3 operators in the Sa’id City mall
Double Weapon XP Token + 10,000 XP
Medical MuleDeliver 20 Stims to the dumpster dead drop northeast of Al Sammam Cemetery
Deliver 10 Emergency Rations to a dumpster dead drop north of Al Sammam Cemetery
Extract 5 Self Revives
556 Icarus (Contraband) + 10,000 XP
PathfinderLoot the GPS Tracker from the dumpster dead drop near the Sa’id City Mall
Travel to every POI while carrying the GPS Tracker in one deployment
Extract the GPS Tracker
Horde Breaker Blueprint + 20,000 XP
Robin HoodOpen 3 safes in one deployment
Extract 100k on a single teammate in one deployment
Sattiq Poppy Farmer House Key +10,000 XP
UnearthedAcquire a key from the Crane Control Room in Al Safwa Quarry
Unlock the Crane Building Base
Extract the Quarry Operations Folder in the Crane Control Room
Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key + 10,000 XP

Tier 4

Caved InEnter the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves by boat
Loot and extract the Smuggling Records in the riverside caves in Sattiq Caves
Place Sensitive Documents at the original location of the Smuggling Records in the same deployment
Anti-Medic Operator Skin + 35000 XP
Cover No ConcealmentSnapshot 8 enemies in locked Strongholds using a Snapshop Grenade
Kill 20 enemies in locked Strongholds
Sawah Hotel Room 303 Key + 15000 XP
Grenade SupplierDeliver 7 Proximity Mines or Claymores to the dumpster dead drop between Al Safwa Quarry and Rohan Oil
Deliver 5 Thermite Grenades to the dumpster dead drop in Al-Mazrah City in one deployment
Extract 13 Frag Grenades in one deployment
Double XP Token + 15000 XP
Heavy GunnerKill 25 enemies with an HCR 56 at Al-Sharim Pass
Kill 10 armored enemies with an HCR 56
War for Peace Calling Card + 15,000 XP
Hero RunComplete 3 Rescue Hostage contracts each in under 2:00 minutesGray Matter Vehicle Skin + 15,000 XP
OmnivoreKill 35 armored enemies in Sawah Village
Kill 15 enemies wielding riot shields in Al-Mazrah City
Kill 4 enemy helicopters
SO-14 (Contraband) + 15000 XP

Tier 5

Clean HouseUnlock and clear the Kushaak Construction Warehouse
Unlock and clear the Downtown Post Office in the same deployment
Unlock and clear the US Embassy Main Building in the same deployment
Double Weapon XP Token + 20000 XP
Close QuartersKill 50 enemies with a Bryson 800 with a Sawed-Off Mod in Mawizeh Marsh
Kill 30 operators with a Bryson 800 with an 8″ XRK CQB Barrel
Melee kill 3 operators with a Bryson 800 with a Vulture Claw Breacher attached
Low Profile Emblem + 20,000 XP
DeadlinesComplete 4 contracts in under 5:00 minutesAl Bagra Underground key + 20,000 XP
Humanitarian ReliefDeliver 40 Bandages to the dumpster dead drop in Sa’id City
Extract 25 Self Revives Extract 40 bottles of Aspirin
X13 Auto (Contraband) + 20000 XP
Massive StockKill 20 enemies with a 556 Icarus with a VLK Koloss Flash Hider, an FTac SB, a Vortex-90, and Corio Precio Factory attached in Zaya Observatory at 150+ meters
Kill 10 operators with headshots with a 556 Icarus with a Vortex-90, an FTac SB, and a Bipod V9 Grip attached
Kill 20 operators with a 556 Icarus with a Bipod V9 Grip, a VLK Koloss Flash Hider, and a Corio Precio Factory attached at 100+ meters
556 Icarus (Contraband)
20000 XP
The Route ForwardLoot 7 Tracking Devices from the Al-Sharim Pass dumpster dead drop
Plant 7 Tracking Devices on the AQ trucks in Sattiq Caves in one deployment
Travel to the server rack in the bunker in Sattiq Caves and download the data
Chisel Blueprint + 40,000 XP
Weight LimitExfil with a full backpack and a full loadout 8 timesFanning East 1 Calling Card +
20000 XP

DMZ’s Black Mous Faction Missions

Tier 1

Always ListeningPickup 5 radios dropped by neutralized AQ members
Kill 15 hostiles marked by radios
Lachmann-762 (Contraband) +
5000 XP
Cargo KeeperComplete a Cargo Delivery contract
Fully repair and refuel the transport vehicle
Lockwood MK2 (Contraband) +
5000 XP
DeadlinesComplete 4 contracts in under 5:00 minutesAl Bagra Underground key + 20,000 XP
One Man ArmyInfil without any teammates
Extract in the same deployment
Deckhand’s Toolbox key + 5000 XP
Team PlayerHold up to request to join with 2 nearby enemy operatorsDouble Weapon XP Token + 5000 XP
Vintage CollectionLoot 12 liquor or Wine Bottles
Sell 12 Liquor or Wine Bottles at a Shop
Stronghold Keycard + 5000 XP
Weapons ResearchComplete 1 Hunt contract
Extract an enemy operator’s weapons
No leadership Calling Card + 5000 XP
Who’s WatchingAcquire a Tactical Camera
Setup a Tactical Camera pointing at the underpass in Rohan Oil
Snapshot 5 enemies in Rohan Oil with a Tactical Camera
Amethyst Dash Blueprint + 10000 XP

Tier 2

BasedDeliver 15 Screwdrivers to the dumpster dead drop at the junkyard in the village south-east of Al-Sharim Pass
Deliver 20 Light Bulbs to the Al-Sharim junkyard dead drop
Deliver 5 Electric Drill to the Al-Sharim junkyard dead drop
RAAL MG (Contraband) + 7500 XP
Custom HardwareDeliver 1 GPU to the dumpster dead drop near the railroad north of Al Sammam Cemetery
Deliver 4 Game Consoles to the same dead drop
Extract 20 Hard Drives
Clock Repair Tools key + 7500 XP
Down and OutAcquire a Raid Weapon Stash contract
Complete a Raid Weapon Stash contract without any teammates being downed
Double XP Token + 7500 XP
EspionageEnter the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House and loot the target’s laptop
Deliver the laptop to the dumpster dead drop near the train tracks, north-east of the Al Sammam Cemetery
Plant the hacked laptop back in the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House where it was taken from
Triage Operator Skin + 15,000 XP
On RailsKill 28 enemies while on the trainSO-14 (Contraband) + 7500 XP
Silent KillerKill four Eliminate HVT contract targets using suppressed weapons
Kill 20 enemies using suppressed weapons
No Leadership Emblem + 7500 XP
Weapons CaseComplete three Secure Intel contracts
Kill three Commanders
Extract one Weapons Case
X12 (Contraband) + 7500 XP

Tier 3

Natural TreasureLocate and loot the first Hidden Container at the oasis east of Taraq
Locate and loot the second Hidden Container
Locate the third Hidden Container and extract the Irradiated Drill found inside
Endless Night Blueprint + 20000 XP
PerfectionComplete a Raid Weapons Stash contract without taking body damageM16 (Contraband) + 10,000 XP
Quick and DirtyComplete an Eliminate HVT contract in under two minutesCrane Control Room key + 10000 XP
Roof RatKill 20 enemies in Al-Mazrah City by headshot with a sniper rifle
Kill 6 operators in Al-Mazrah City with a sniper rifle
Fanning Weat 1 + 10000 XP
The WhaleExtract with a single backpack carrying $200.000 in cash and valuablesSP-X 80 (Contraband) + 10000 XP
Unarmed and DangerousInfil solo without any weapons
Exfil in the same deployment without picking up any weapons
Hacktivists Calling Card + 15,000 XP
Vintage ConnoisseurDeliver 20 Wine Bottles at any dumpster dead drop
Deliver 11 Aged Wine Bottles to any dumpster dead drop
Extract three Vintage Wine Bottles
Double Weapon XP Token + 10,000 XP

Tier 4

Breaking and EnteringTravel to the sewer under Al Bagra Fortress
Reroute the 7 security devices in under four minutes to unlock the System Architecture’s container
Loot and extract the System Architecture Documentation
Relentless Operator Skin + 30,000 XP
BullfighterKill 30 stronghold guards
Execute 7 Al-Qatala soldiers wielding riot shields
HCR 56 (Contraband) + 15000 XP
Eye In The SkyLoot five airplane supply drops in one deploymentRAPP H (Contraband) + 15000 XP
Harmful WavesKill 35 enemies with a suppressed designated marksman rifle with headshots in Zaya Observatory at a range of fewer than three metersMawzeh Resort Main Building key + 15000 XP
Paper ShredderExtract 8 Al-Qatala Planning Diagrams
Extract 8 Al-Qatala Planning Photos
Extract 4 pieces of Black Mous Intel
Bryson 800 (Contraband) + 15000 XP
Silent and DeadlyKill 50 enemies with a suppressed Fennec 45 with a Fennec Double Tap Mod attached
Kill 21 enemies with melee weapons
PMC Calling Card + 15000 XP
The Golden RuleDeliver 20 Gold Bars to the dumpster dead drop south-east of Al-Sharim Pass
Deliver 13 Gold Skulls to the dumpster dead drop south-east of Al-Sharim Pass
Police Academy key + 15000 XP

Tier 5

Flight PlansLoot the 3 Hacked Thumb Drives from the dumpster dead drop in the Sarwana Hotel alleyway, south-east Al-Mazrah City
In one deployment, plant Hacked Thumb Drives in computers at the:
Air Traffic Control Tower
North Observatory Telescope
Al-Mazrah City TV Station
Balancing Act Blueprint + 40000 XP
Hunting PartyComplete five Hunt PMC Unit contracts without dyingM4 (Contraband) + 20000 XP
Information OverloadExtract 24 UAVs, advanced UAVs, or counter UAVs
Deliver 35 Recon Drones to any dumpster dead drop
Extract 20 Encrypted Hard Drives
Double XP Token + 20000 XP
KennelExtract 30 enemy Dog Tags
Kill 45 operators with a suppressed assault rifle
Hacktivists Emblem + 20000 XP
The Client is KingComplete eight contracts in eight unique POIs in one deploymentUS Embassy Key + 20,000 XP
Without A TraceKill 31 operators with a suppressed MCPR-300 with a Raptor-FVM40 and an SZ 1MW PEQ laser attached at a range of over 200mMCPR-300 (Contraband) + 20000 XP

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