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Gundam Evolution Tier List [September 2022]

Bandai Namco’s team shooter game, Gundam Evolution, is now available for free and includes a variety of strong mobile suits.

In Gundam Evolution, two opposing squads of six players each engage in combat as they try to achieve different goals on the map. Based on the game mode, these goals change. There are three game modes: Point Capture, Domination, and Destruction.

In Point Capture, players must try to attack and take points on the map away from the opposing team. In Domination, both teams must try to take three points. And in Destruction, teams must try to activate or stop a weapon of mass destruction that the opposing team is attempting to use against them.

Not all mobile suits are created equal for all circumstances. It is essential to know which mobile suits perform the best in every situation and which takes a lot more talent to keep up with the rest of the pack when thinking about competitive matches and possible competitions.

The cast of Gundam Evolution is divided into the following 5 tiers, with S-Tier representing the pinnacle of performance and C-Tier being unsuitable for use in battle in competitive games without a significant level of skill:

  • S-Tier
  • A-Tier
  • B-Tier
  • C-Tier


  • Gundam Barbatos
  • Sazabi
  • Unicorn Gundam
  • Zaku II [Melee]

The performance of mobile suits is at its highest point with S-Tier models. The best mobile suits to pilot in almost any circumstance are these. Nobody is surprised that Gundam Barbatos and Sazabi continue to hold a tremendous amount of power.

However, it does not appear that Barbatos will be nerfed in the coming future. The recently released, readily available mobile suits of Zaku II [Melee] and Unicorn Gundam seem to be doing rather well. Particularly Zaku II is performing somewhat better than its ranged counterpart.


  • GM Sniper II
  • Gundam
  • Mahiroo
  • Methuss

The A-Tier mobile suits in Gundam Evolution are effective, although not as powerful as the S-Tier mobile suits. These are still well worth the time and effort put into them.

When it comes to supporting the game, Methuss is possibly the best unit. Its ability to heal is unparalleled, and while delivering harm it can also enhance an ally.


  • Zaku II [Ranged]
  • Asshimar
  • DOM Trooper
  • Gundam Exia
  • Pale Rider

Things begin to deteriorate in the B-Tier Gundam Evolution mobile suits. They aren’t fantastic, but they aren’t awful either. Even though they can be enjoyable to use, they need a lot of effort to succeed.

Pale Rider is a perfectly adequate mobile suit, while DOM Trooper is capable of dealing heaps of damage.



  • GM
  • Guntank
  • Marassai
  • Turn A Gundam

They are typically not worthwhile to use in a fight when it comes to the C-Tier. Even if they have amusing and funny qualities as well as specific combat applications, it is best to stay away from them.

There will undoubtedly be fans of GM and Guntank, and Guntank in particular can be excellent at defending against players that are sieging. Having said that, they aren’t really that good right now.

Unfortunately, Marassai and Turn A Gundam are arguably the game’s worst units. Turn-A Gundam is debatable since a good enough player can still dominate, but these two are just mediocre and unimpressive.

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