League of Pantheons Tier List – Best Heroes (2022) Updated

League of Pantheons is an idle+Role Playing Game. Players, known as Summoners in this game, are given the flexibility to create their own hero squad with singular or multiple different types of heroes like Mage, Warrior, Tank, and Support. Apart from that, there are multiple elements in which heroes are categorized in like Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. With so many categories, this article will talk about a League of Pantheons tier list to help the players make the best team and dominate the game.

Released in January 2022, League of Pantheons is a Mobile game published by Neocraft Limited. The game has a 4.1 rating on Google Playstore. It has a remarkably amazing modernized art style with fights that follow a similar style as Raid: Shadow Legends and a lot of other RPG Games. The game feels very smooth and insanely fun to play. If you’ve just started playing the game, or even if you’re a veteran looking for better heroes, we’ve got you covered in this League of Pantheons tier list.

League of Pantheons Tier List

Before we get started with the tier list, we would like to highlight the fact that this is best to only be used as a starting point where you find the characters that are good at the game but then try playing with them for yourself and see if you enjoy them. There are a variety of different scenarios and many team compositions where a character can turn out to be better or worse than their position in this tier list.

The tier list is made as a base and describes the individual capability of all the heroes. Their synergy is also taken into account but with the number of variables and different types of battles in the game, especially PvP, a 100% reliable tier list is almost impossible to make. With that out of the way, here’s the League of Pantheons tier list divided into the elements mentioned above and tiers.


Seraph, Loki, Valkyrie, PrometheusNezha, Magma FiendApollo, HeimdallPhoenix


Fenrir, Aensland, SynthiaSphinx, Athena, RatotskiPan, OdinGaia


JormungandPoseidon, Merlin, IllsyaWyrmlich, Dionysus, ErialTitan


Thor, ZeusHera, Venus, Divine HighAlleria, Priest, Raphael


Darklord, Hades, HelNidhogg, AnubisPandora, Abaddon

Yes, if you can’t tell, it seems like the developers have a bias towards the Light and Dark. Well, that will do for the League of Pantheons Tier List. Hope this was helpful.

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