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Overwatch 2 Tier List 2022: Best OW2 PVP Tank, Healer & DPS

The Overwatch 2 beta has been made available to play for quite some time now, provided you can get access to it. And after a detailed study, we have a detailed and sorted game’s tier list.

After a number of games in the beta version &  checking out a ton of opinions from pro players and the Twitter space. Based on a lot of feedback and analysis, here is the tier list so far.

Tank Heroes


  • Orisa
orisa screenshot 004

Orisa’s rework is really the best she has experienced. Her more offensive capabilities make her push forward and feel more like a proper Tank than even Reinhardt. You shouldn’t be very shocked if you see an enemy team winning games or giving your team a hard time with a proper Orisa, Javelin Pushbacks, random Spear hitscan shots, and all.


  • DVA
Overwatch 2 playtest reveals multiple hero reworks Moira Sigma Orisa more

While it’s great that Sigma and DVa are enjoying their Tank role buffs and kits being mostly untouched, Doomfist is benefiting from his new role. You can still play him as a DPS, sort of; while not really having the same damage output, the additional health and power block basically makes him a bigger threat than usual.


Overwatch 2 Wrecking Ball bug scaled 1

Doomfist basically replaces Winston. The rest of the cast are solid especially if you’re familiar with how they play like Reinhardt and Zarya.


image 39

Poor Roadhog, relegated to the bottom while every other Tank gets a rework or buff that complements their kit and abilities.

Healer/Support Characters:-


Overwatch 2 Moira abilities

The Support passive abilities have really bumped up a few heroes in the high-tier spot. Lucio and Moira benefit from this greatly, and their healing/damage playstyles do complement this.

Lucio can do hit-and-runs when needed, and then come back quickly to the party for some healing. He has high survivability and mobility. Moira’s healing/damage kit and Ultimate can deal with DPS heroes who come in too close to the team.

She also triggers the Support passive when she’s in Fade, so that’s always a plus. Brigitte is the beta’s sleeper pick because her Support passive can trigger with her barrier; apparently, this counts as being out of combat, so she regenerates health and armour.

In a 1v1 situation, she can hold her own with her buffs to Shield Bash, provided she stays in the backline. Just think of her as a way to deal with flanking DPS heroes who are trying to pick off your support.


  • ANA
overwatch 2 mercy design side view

Mercy has Resurrection, which is useful for Tanks in the game since they’re more effective at pushing forward now. Ana is still a solid pick though you’ll need to be good with your aim and your grenade throws as she’s considered an expert character to use, balancing between healing and combat duties.


image 43

These two are niche picks: if you’re comfortable with them in part 1, you should have no issues with them in part 2. Just keep in mind that the rest of the Supports are benefitting more from the reworks and buffs than these two.

DPS Heroes


  • SOLDIER 76
overwatch 2 talents

The easiest and beginner-friendly character of Overwatch is clearly outperforming in the DPS role in part 2. Soldier 76 deals great damage, can self-heal, and moves pretty fast thanks to the DPS role buffs, meaning you can flank Tanks and Support easily with this guy.

Genji is top tier for sure but requires expert play like in the first game. He’s best at the hit-and-run playstyle while going in for the kill with his Ultimate. The DPS role speed buff really, REALLY helps Genji players be even more of a hazard to deal with than before.


  • MEI
overwatch 2 new looks widowmaker 2

Mei and the rest have some reworks that are welcome. While Mei cannot freeze, her slow effect with her Cryo weapons is applied instantaneously, which is a boon when dealing with, well, any hero within range.

Sombra is a bigger threat than before since her invisibility doesn’t really go away, her Hack can reveal enemies, and her Ultimate deals damage. Tracer has high survivability and mobility, but requires her to push forward and be more in the frontlines unlike someone like Soldier 76. Widowmaker is the ultimate backseat DPS; just find a nice spot to camp at and fire away. See a Tank? Blast away. Just don’t miss the headshots.


  • ASH

Sojourn, the face of Overwatch 2, really needs the buffs from Soldier 76 and other DPS characters above her. While it’s great that she has a LMB/RMB alternating fire, savvy players are better off just using Widowmaker for game-breaking hitscan shots. The rest of DPS heroes are fine and aren’t affected too much by the DPS passive buffs.


  • ECHO
maxresdefault 3 2

These characters are relegated to niche picks: if you’re comfortable with them, you’ll be fine. However, the S to B Tier characters can be used to counterpick them depending on their roles.

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