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Project Slayers Clan Tier List in Roblox (July 2022)

Project Slayers is an RPG on Roblox, where you create a character in the universe of the anime. You must fight other players while exploring a world that is rich in rewards and surprises. You will encounter many obstacles on your journey, regardless of whether you choose to side with humanity or against them.

A few Project Slayers clans do exist, but obviously, not all of them are made equal. While some are quite useful and easy to use, others are masters of warfare.

Difference Between Project Slayers Clans

The primary distinction is that every clan that isn’t common receives a passive benefit. You receive nothing more than the bare minimum if you belong to a common clan. You have a huge disadvantage over players who are members of any other clan because you don’t even have a single boost to speak of.

Here’s our tier list of Project Slayers, where you’ll find each clan ranked accordingly in the game.

RankClanClan GradeStats Bonus
SAgatsumaSupreme+2 Strength +1 Sword +110 Stamina +125 Health +1 Block Bar  
SKamadoSupreme+3 Sword +3 Strength +3 Weapon +125 Stamina +140 Health +3 Block Bar  
STomiokaMythic+3 Strength +3 Sword +90 Stamina +100 Health  
AKochoLegendary+1 Strength +1 Sword +110 Health +100 Stamina  
AShinazugawaLegendary+2 Strength +1 Weapon +30 Stamina +50 Health +1 Block Bar  
Rank  Clan  Clan Grade  
B  HaganezukaRare
B  KanazakiRare
B  UrokodakiRare
B  KanamoriRare
C  KanekiUncommon
C  NakaharaUncommon
C  TakadaUncommon
C  TerauchiUncommon
D  AndoCommon
D  BakugoCommon
D  FujiwaraCommon
D  FukudaCommon
D  HarunoCommon
D  HashimotoCommon
D  IzukuCommon
D  KurosakiCommon
D  MoriCommon
D  OnishiCommon
D  SaitoCommon
D  Sakurai  Common
D  Suzuki  Common
D  Todoroki  Common

Here’s the list of the Project Slayers List ranked. Don’t forget to share and check out more of our articles.

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