Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List (July 2022)


Roblox Anime Adventures is a tower defence game that requires you to gather strong characters from a number of well-known anime. You must be familiar with every aspect of the game if you hope to maximise the performance of your squad. Let’s look at the top units in the game right now to see how crucial it is to collect the top-tier characters to complete your team.

Anime Adventures Tier List

1Marada, Torch, Goku Rose, Rangoku, Dio, Itach  
2Diabolo, Broly, Aaron, Payne, Goku, Jotaro  
3Levi, Bleach, Karyoin, Sanji, Sasuke
4Armin, Luffo, Sakura, Joe, Johna
5Dabi, Piccola, Krillo, Zoru, Krillo

Rank 1: Marada

The legendary unit in the game is called Marada and it has skills that deal a tonne of damage. It has the ability to deal AOE damage. The range of strikes is also very good.

Rank 2: Diabolo

Having a high DPS, the Diabolo can deal damage to a single target. The infinite mode of this unit is the best. It can also be used in the story mode.

Rank 3: Levi

Levi is among the top support DPS units. It possesses amazing range, SPA, and damage per second. He is a supporting unit that can assist in defeating the bosses.

Rank 4: Armin

Due to his useless ability and subpar DMG output, he is one of the worst Mythical grade units in the game. He uses an ability with a massive full AOE cone to attack once every 60 seconds.

Rank 5: Dabi

Dabi is currently the game’s poorest unit with low stats across the board. It has a high SPA, poor range, low DPS, and a sizable AOE circle. The AOE circle is indeed large, but its mediocre stats make it ineffective.

There you have it! Now you should be able to identify the top units to take on all game material and dominate the competition with this tier list. Check out our guides if you’re seeking codes for other Roblox games.

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