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Space Leaper Cocoon Tier List: The Best Units For Battle

Do you like Anime? Most of us do Right! Space Leaper is just like one of the Anime RPG-based games available on the Android platform. And same as all of the RPGs it runs on a tier list for weapons, characters as well as Battle units.

With a squad of up to 8 heroes, distributed among several classes including fighter, tank, assassin, hunter, mage, and support, as well as various elements like fire, wind, liquid, order, chaos, and stone, you will gather heroes and battle foes! Remember Airbender ??

Space Leaper Cocoon Tier List

As I mentioned earlier, every RPG game loves to have a tier list system, Based on the character’s stats and general combat effectiveness, this tier list has been created. We’ll update you with the most recent recruitment and their standing as it appears when additional characters become available.

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  • S Grade: X, Clara, Doranana, Becky, LeonLev
  • A Grade: Sariel, Owen, Diye, Vitty
  • B Grade: Golin, J-001, Amber, Mica
  • C Grade: Millie, Lucinda, Jade

Best Units For Battle

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We have added our favourites among the tiers along with their power, special ability and weapons, So let’s check them out

LeonLev– S Grade

She’s one of our best characters in the game as her AOE skill is subpar as per the category using powerful single-target burst abilities or with wide-ranging arcing sweeps. With a little bit of each, LeonLev embodies the greatest qualities of fighters, making her a very strong opponent for the front row.

Diye– A Grade

The primary basic attack of Diye does respectable damage to the enemy. Her extreme skill, energy skill, and talent, which are where her healing prowess originates from, are what make her shine through. In addition to being able to passively heal massive amounts of damage, Diye also has a talent skill that allows her to heal the ally with the lowest HP by 30%.

Mica-B Grade

If it weren’t for her weak talent and preference for single-target damage, she might rank among the game’s strongest characters.

Despite the fact that Mica’s abilities all deal single-target damage, they are incredibly potent, especially against shielded foes and tanks. In particular, her extreme skill, which deals incredible damage at a base level, is a contender for one of the best single-target skills in the game.

Millie– C Grade

Millie is a strong contender for this job, especially when coupled with teammates who can inflict the “bleed” status; one of her most useful skills is her energy skill, which teleports her to the adversary with the lowest HP and deals average damage.


We hope that you have known the Best of Space Leaper Cocoon tier list – the best units for battle, and we hope that this post will help you to strategize the game even more.

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