Super People Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked (September 2022)

Super People Tier List Best Weapons Ranked

Another day yet another Battle Royale once again, we are back again with Super People which is climbing steam stairs like a marathon runner and that is also for a good reason Remember when “Pubg” was a thing, here you are with Frankenstein’s PUBG with little modification. Let’s get to the main point which is the Super People Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked

Super People should be easy for you to understand if you’ve played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The catch is that there are classes, just like the Valorant agents or Apex Legends characters. Players can combine or contrast the nine talents available to each class. There is only one drawback: selecting your class requires purchasing in-game currency.

super people

Super People Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked

The Super People weapon tier list is now available, and it should shed some light on which weapons will help you win after dropping into Orb Island. Players parachute into an island where they will gather weapons and supplies before engaging in combat to be the last man standing, with a plethora of weapons to choose from and even classes and crafting mechanics that change how effective they are in different hands. The available play area shrinks as an ice storm approaches.


Each player controls a unique super-soldier with nine unique abilities and one ultimate ability. In Super People, players can choose from 12 different Best Classes.

We Have Divided The Weapons Into 4 Tiers Including Snipers, Assault, Automatic and Mini Weapons. Ranging From S to C


Super People Classes

It’s simply a matter of which guns are the best all-rounders based on every metric – including damage, range, fire rate, and recoil – for the top of our Super People weapons tier list.

  • Kar98k
  • M416S
  • X40A1
  • SCAR-H
  • SKS


Super People

Our A tier is a little more diverse, with an SMG, assault rifle, DMR, and sniper rifle covering all of the bases.

  • AKM
  • M16A4
  • W1887
  • UMP9


super people

This tier primarily houses SMGs, as well as a shotgun and assault rifle.

  • SCAR-H
  • SA-12K
  • MP5SD


super people 1

At this level, they can’t compete with the better guns in Super People. The G3 is a semi-automatic assault rifle, and while it does a lot of damage, it has the worst recoil of any AR.

  • G3
  • M1 Garand
  • R870
  • W1887
  • SP686

Wrapping Up

We hope you loved our post on Super People Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked (September 2022) as a battleground players we do love to have maximum performance in the field and knowledge is required to be the best. For more gaming-related info follow now.

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