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The Cycle Frontier: Best Weapons to Use | Weapons Tier List

The Cycle: Frontier is a 2022 first-person shooter video game developed and published by Yager Development. Yager describes this game as a “competitive quest shooter” and labels it with the cross-genre “PvEvP“, a combination of player versus environment and player versus player”.

As a new player, it is important to pick a weapon that suits your fighting style and since there are 31 weapons with 7 unique categories. We have compiled a tier list below to help you make your choice.

The Cycle: Frontier Best Weapons

Here is a ranking of the top 5 guns in the The Cycle : Frontier after getting opinions from experienced gamers.

1 – ASP Flechette GUN

ASP Flechette

Giving all players a good price to punch ratio. This weapon is pretty accurate for an SMG. Although players would need to practice the recoil and maybe tap/burst fire instead of holding down the spray. With how readily available it is one might even say it is OP.

2 – Kinetic Arbiter DMG

Kinetic Arbiter

This is the best long range weapon in the game and it one-shots anyone with low-level armor. It has an annoying tracer which can reveal your position but if you position yourself well and time you shots you can dominate a battlefield.

3 – Voltaic Brute SMG

Voltaic Brute

What makes the Voltaic SMG really strong is its high damage, high rate of fire, high recoil. It does get difficult to control and has a little fall-off with range. But players can abuse its accuracy and bad recoil to just aim for the body and let the gun do the rest.

4 – S76 PDW SMG


Practice the recoil with this versatile SMG and you can headshot anyone. The bolt is an A1 weapon costing a few thousand. Its high rate of fire and mobility make it formidable up close.

5 – KOR 47 AR

KOR 47

While it is heavy and therefore made to last, the KOR-47 has a lower firing rate than most but its devastating JSP rounds make up the difference. A handy AR for nearly all ranges.

While this is a tier list of all the most powerful guns, you should still experiment and to find something that might fit your playstyle. Honorable mentions are the hammer and pistols.
If you have any questions make sure to drop a comment down below, also check out our other guides.

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