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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All Legendary Weapons Tier List

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a mysterious storyline based on an eyecatching mystical theme. The game has a very beautiful and a little cartoonish texture and theme. The main objectives of the game also include the collection of loot.

There are many tiers of items in the game. The items have given some fancy and zany names. The game has armors, rings, melee weapons, spells, shields, and much more. And we have prepared a list of such items, that were confirmed by the game developers. Maybe some new names also come out in a few days. Therefore this list is in the development process and you may find something new in the game too.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendary Weapons List

As we believe, the weapon and other loot which has legendary rating, are the best in the game. So, the players must know about the legendary category of loot. So that you can recognize the right items in the first look. So let’s get started:

Legendary SMGs

  • Borea’s Breath (Feriore)
  • Blazing Volley (Hyperius)
  • Fragment Rain (Feriore)
  • Shadowfire (Feriore)
  • White Rider (Dahlia)
  • Wizard’s Pipe (Hyperius)

Legendary Assault Rifles

  • Lil K’s Bread Slicer (Stoker)
  • Manual Transmission (Stoker)

Legendary Pistols

  • Apex (Dahlia)
  • Boniface’s Soul (Feriore)
  • Liquid Cooling (Skuldugger)
  • Masterwork Handbow (Blackpowder)
  • Perceiver of the Peak (Dahlia)
  • Queen’s Cry (Stoker)

Legendary Sniper Rifles

  • Aphotic Antique Greatbow (Hyperius)
  • Dry’l’s Fury (Stoker)
  • Gloomy Carrouser (Blackpowder)
  • Practiced Envy (Blackpowder)

Legendary Shotguns

  • Crossblade of Discipline (Blackpowder)
  • Reign of Arrows (Blackpowder)
  • Swordsplosion (Torgue)

Legendary Rocket Launchers

  • Cannonballer (Torgue)

Legendary Spells

  • Arcane Bolt (Conjura)
  • Barrelmaker (Arken)
  • Buffmeister (Miraculum)
  • Frozen Orb (Conjura)
  • Gelatinous Cube of Eminence (Conjura)
  • Inflammation of the Marked (Wyrdweaver)
  • Reviver (Conjura)
  • Sawblades (Wyrdweaver)
  • Skullantir
  • Threads of Fate (Arken)
  • Twister (Conjura)

Legendary Melee Weapons

  • Diamondguard Sword (Swifft)
  • Fatebreaker (Valora)
  • Frying Pan (Bonk)
  • Goblin Pickaxe (Kleave)
  • Ragnarok (Torgue)
  • Slammin’ Salmon of Mirth (Bonk)
  • Snake Stick (Kleave)
  • Spellblade (Swifft)
  • Twin Soul (Swifft)

Legendary Wards (Shields)

  • Ancient Deity (Hyperius)
  • Full Battery (Hyperius)
  • Hammer and Anvil (Hyperius)
  • Last Gasp (Ashen)
  • Maced Wardu (Hyperius)
  • Mind Rune (Ashen)
  • Shamwai (Ashen)
  • Spirit Rune Defiant (Ashen)
  • Transistor (Hyperius)
  • Undead Pact (Pangoblin)

Legendary Rings

  • Championship Ring
  • Finger Ward
  • Mood Ring
  • Promise Ring
  • Shell Casing Ring
  • Thumb Cuffs

Legendary Amulets

  • Bradluck
  • Harbinger
  • Frenzied Wrath
  • Overflow Bloodbag

Legendary Armor

  • Amalgam (Swifft)
  • Blank Slate (Swifft)
  • Corrupted Platemail (Valora)
  • Deathless Mantle (Swifft)
  • Diamond Gauntlets (Valora)
  • Mantis Claw (Kleave)
  • Pandemecium (Kleave)
  • Selective Amnesia (Kleave)
  • Smart Armor (Valora)
  • Warped Paradigm (Swifft)

Hope that you got what you want. Enjoy the game and share your reviews with us. Legendary items are a very special loot in the game. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland has a very beautiful and magnificent environment. Also from its story mode trailer, we have got a glimpse of funny and humorous characters in the game.

So, waiting for your reviews and views about the game. Wishing you a very happy and great day. See you soon.

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