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Best Open World pc games To Play & Explore In 2022

It’s almost 2023 and gamers no more want to be bound to just doing story missions and side missions to reach the end of the game. Instead, folks are now more attracted to Open world games that have beautiful visuals, and not just graphics-wise, but aesthetic beauty. Open-world games do not restrict you to a small predefined map, but rather allow you to roam freely and let you explore beautiful landscapes.

We have brought you a list of Open world games for pc. So let’s get started.

Best open-world games pc

1. Genshin impact

Genshin Impact is a FREE Open world action RPG game that provides you with a beautiful landscape to explore. This game has a mesmeric story, and will soon have an anime. In Genshin Impact you have a myriad of characters to unlock and play as, with each character having affinities to elements like wind, water, or fire, and a set of abilities unique to the character.

Genshin Impact offers a beautiful in-game experience, and once you start playing, you will be more interested in exploring the open world and wandering through the magnificent fantasy world, fighting monsters and powering up your characters. And not just the scenery, everything about the game is beautiful, be it characters, music, or anything else.

Video by JEsgrth

This video contains visuals directly from the game. As beautiful as it is, the game offers you a lot more to do, like Flying! cooking, solving puzzles, hunting, short games and challenges inside the game, and much more. Anime fans are more expected to be liking this game. But whether you are an anime fan or not, you can’t help but love this game.

2. State of decay 2: Juggernaut edition

State of Decay 2 is an open-world survival-fantasy game which is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game. You need to find a base, recruit trustworthy group members, find survivors, gather resources and fight off the zombies.

You need to select and assign roles to survivors depending on their skills and get the most out of it. If you trust everyone, you’ll be betrayed and if you don’t believe in your team members, you’ll lose the skillset of the survivors. You are to make the choice.

Game Trailer by Xbox

Make sure you build your base well enough to meet your survival needs in the post-apocalyptic world and gather resources for everyone to survive. This game is full of adventures, threats, action, decisions, and of course Zombies.

3. Pokemon Scarlet and violet

You may have to use an emulator for this game. Pokemon scarlet and Violet are games launched by Nintendo just recently and have gained huge popularity. Begin your pokemon journey in the vast region of Paldea. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first open world games in the pokemon game series.

You can train, meet and team up, trade, battle and do a lot more in the game. This game has to offer engaging pokemon battles, exciting adventures, and a massive world to free roam.

Pokemon scarlet and violet trailer via Nintendo America

4. NFS unbound

NFS Unbound, released at the end of November 2022 is a racing game set in a fictional city called Lakeshore City. NFS unbound by Electronic Arts is the latest game from the Need For Speed game series, with new art styles.

Gameplay Trailer by Gamespot

Need For Speed is still about racing, outsmarting the cops, adding new cars to your garage and upgrading them, but with new art styles, in a better experience.


5. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an Open world Fantasy RPG game developed by FromSoftware Inc. Before we start taking a look at what this game is, let me first mention that this Elden Ring has absolute 10/10 ratings on IGN, Games Radar, Gaming Bible, 9/10 on Steam and 94 on Metacritic.

Elden Ring trailer by Bandai Namco

Elden ring has amazing visuals, a vast, beautiful, dark, and dangerous open world to explore, dangerous battles to fight and win, and a lot more. Equip yourself with muscles and magic, so that you can set out to explore an epic story set inside of a fantasy world.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda is also an Open world action-adventure game, that was released back in 2017 and was developed by Nintendo. The game boasts lovely landscapes and sightly visuals. The game is driven by physics and chemistry engines that provide gamers with a close-to-reality gaming experience. This game makes possible, things like drawing lightning using metal conductors during a storm, using wooden weapons to light fires, and degrading weapons after use.

Trailer via Nintendo

The game should definitely be on your list if you are looking for an Open world game with heavenly visuals, a great story and a lot of things to do in the game other than spamming attack buttons. Here, you can cook, hunt, climb, run, fly, fight, and do a lot more.

7. Medieval dynasty

Medieval dynasty is a survival/crafting town building and town management game that also lets you roam free. If you are a fan of craft and survival games, you cannot make a list without considering Medieval Dynasty.

open world games medieval dynasty screenshot
Medieval dynasty game screenshots
Open world games medieval dynasty screenshot 2

In this Open world game, you will have to survive through the trials of Environmental hazards and those of the medieval era. Build a civilization, cultivate the land and hunt to keep your populace well-fed. Make your civilization grow and become the true king of your people.

8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is an action RPG open-world game that was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released back in 2011. Skyrim is considered to be among the greatest video games ever created. This game was made using the creation engine and the engine was rebuilt specifically for the game.

The game environment is made of caves, dungeons, cities, towns, villages and wastelands, and you are free to explore all of it. You can go with the flow of the story or postpone it to explore the vast game world.

open world games The Elder Scrolls 5 skyrim

The main story of the game focuses on the player’s character, the Dragonborn, on their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world.

9. Grounded

Grounded is another open-world craft and survival, base-building game on the list that was launched in 2022 (Early access 2020). This game developed by Obsidian Entertainment takes you to the miniature world of insects, where everything from your perspective is very large.

The game’s story is about the player’s character who is shrunk to the size of an ant and is now stuck in his backyard which is filled with insects and other threats. You need to build your base, secure a strong shelter, fight off predators like huge spiders and find a way to get yourself back to your original state.

Grounded Trailer by Obsidian Entertainment

10. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles is an Online Multiplayer survival game that features an open-world theme. The lands are savage, the survivors are barbaric, and the environment is merciless too. Fight against all the threats, if you are weak, Run!! and come back when you become strong.

Forage or hunt for food, Gather resources and build yourself a shelter or a whole city if you can gather the resources. In this open world where only the fittest can survive, do you have what it takes to get yourself through?

open world games conan exiles
Image via Playstation.com

11. Horizon Zero Dawn

The earth is no more the domain where humans can walk freely. The planet is taken over by machines and you are now engaged in a war against the machines that now rule the Earth. Walk through the open world that this game puts for you to explore. Adventure in the perilious yet beautiful action RPG open world. Horizon Zero Dawn is a multi-award winning game available for pc and PlayStation.

Open world games Horizon Zero Dawn fg
Image via Steam

Horizon Zero Dawn has deserved a ton of praise from the critics for its Open world, innovational story, prepossessing visuals, characterization, and voice acting. The game has won several awards and is among the many names on the list of best-selling Playstation games.

We will keep adding more games to the list, so you can visit back again after you have tried these. For more gaming-related content, tips, tricks and a lot more visit Futuregaming.io

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