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goat simulator 3 All glitches and easter eggs 2022

Goat Simulator 3 is a brand new third-person game in which you get to become a GOAT. The concept is similar to previous versions of this game where you can climb, headbutt and lick your way across an open world map with a lot of areas with their own challenges and easter eggs to discover

Goat Simulator 3 includes a lot of different Secretes, collectibles, and hidden areas/easter eggs. Being a simulation game, the open world certainly makes for a lot of interesting gameplay moments and features that you didn’t know even existed or were possible to achieve. With that in mind let’s explore the best easter eggs and glitches in goat simulator 3.

As the game is yet to release, there is no official source that tells us about its easter eggs or glitches, however since the game mechanics are pretty similar to its predecessor, here are some possible easter eggs which we can see in Goat simulator 3

goat simulator 3 easter eggs and more

goat simulator 3 possible easter eggs
Src: Official goat simulator 3 site


To unveil the goat’s demonic aspect, all you have to do is drag fie humans to the pentagram hidden in the corner of the woods.

Afterward, they will be sucked together and sacrificed and transforming the goat into an evil devil goat. Another way is to become the king of the goats and press ‘r’ five times to drop goats from the sky. Afterward, all five goats will be sucked in together to make a super evil devil goat.


Collecting Goat trophies unlocks a number of special Goat forms called mutations which can change the abilities and look of the goat. If five trophies are found the tall goat is unlocked, at ten trophies the father goat is unlocked, at 20 trophies a giant goat is unlocked and at 30 trophies the space goat is unlocked.


Hopefully this time we are going to have some free hidden games in goat simulator 3 as some sort of easter egg or secrete feature. It is possible that goat simulator 3 will have a devilishly difficult mini-game or an improved clone of flappy bird or even flappy goat.

This may be found on the second floor of the coffee shop just like the previous title or maybe somewhere else altogether! Pressing the R key will cause the goat to flap and avoid the barriers emerging from the right side of the screen to keep playing without knocking yourself out. Furthermore like the previous version, there could be games like Drug wars, box pusher, and the snake too!

Possible fan room tricks

This is a very interesting trick as your goat can literally defy gravity! If this made it in version 3 which it mostly will, you have to find and go to the Low Gravity Research Center and drop down from a high area behind the fence and then break through the rusty panel beneath the building’s floor. Climb the catwalk and go through the round door. The gravity will be reduced and will make earning the tricks awards easy!

Check out the game at – https://www.goatsimulator3.com/

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