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Top 10 Best Talents In Hogwarts Legacy To Learn With Levels

One of the most awaited RPGs of this year is now officially out of its early access, as the game became available on PC, PS5, and the Xbox Series X on February 10th. Both, Potter-heads and regular gamers would be delving into the vast open world of Hogwarts to take part in the fantastical wizarding and witchcraft experience.

While one can certainly enjoy a game by simply jumping into it with no prior knowledge of how anything works inside of it, there is still value in having some information before you start progressing in it. Because, sometimes there are things that you cannot undo unless you start all over, which no one really wants to do after making significant progress. Talents in Hogwarts Legacy is one such thing that you should be aware of.

‘Talents’ is just a Hogwarts Legacy-specific name for a generic feature that a lot of games have: skill tree. Skill trees allow you to boost certain aspects of your character as you progress through the game. These aspects or characteristics are often categorized and the player gets to choose which category they would like to favor more (for example, stealth vs attack vs defense).

Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Talents 1
In-game screenshot of the Talents menu

Talents come in five different flavors: Core, Spells, Dark Arts, Stealth, and Room of Requirement. Besides the usual categorization, there are three sub-categories of Talents in each type that are capped by levels. This means that some Talents are available right from the beginning, while others can only be unlocked after you reach level 16 and then level 22.

Before we take a look at the best talents in Hogwarts Legacy, let’s see why you need to know about them in the first place. The Talent system becomes available to the player from level 5, and the maximum level a player can reach is 40. One Talent Point is awarded each time you level up, starting from level 5. Therefore, you can get a total of 36 Talent Points if you reach level 40.

But wait! There are a total of 46 Talents in the Talent system! This means that are way more Telents than the number of Talents you can possibly unlock. This is why knowing which Talents are the best becomes important as you progress through the game, as Talent Points are scarce and there are many Talents to unlock.

The 10 Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy (in no particular order)

  • [Lvl 5] Basic Cast Mastery: Reduced spell cooldown
  • [Lvl 5] Swift: Hold dodge to swiftly disappear and appear near enemies
  • [Lvl 22] Avada Kedavra Mastery: Kill one enemy with the curse to kill all who were cursed
  • [Lvl 5] Spell Knowledge 1 & 2: Swap spell sets with the D-pad while holding the Spell button
  • [Lvl 5] Protego Absorption: Successful and perfect Protego blocks = increase in Ancient Magic Meter
  • [Lvl 5] Confringo Mastery: Confringo attacks lead to fire bolts that hit nearby enemies
  • [Lvl 22] Petrificus Totalus Mastery: Petrificus Totalus affects nearby enemies too
  • [Lvl 16] Supefy Mastery: Stupefy has a lasting effect
  • [Lvl 5] Human Demiguise: Sprint while using Disillusionment
  • [Lvl 16] Crucio Mastery: Attacking enemy already cursed by Crusio curses the nearby enemy

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