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Top 5 Glitches in Overwatch 2 you HAVE TO TRY! (Reddit)

Overwatch 2 has been accepted as a successful entry by Blizzard Entertainment. With Ratings like 8/10 from IGN, 81% on Metacritic, and 8/10 on GameSpot, Overwatch 2 is the next big game. It even set a record of 1.5 Million Concurrent Viewers on the streaming platform, Twitch.

As with every other new game, it is susceptible to glitches and bugs. And I mean a lot of them at some point. It has become a trend to release underprepared games and release patches lazily. Some games still have problems to date, although they were released almost 2 years prior. (Cyberpunk 2077)

In this article, we will discuss the Top 5 Glitches found in Overwatch 2 through a very intriguing Reddit search. If you are interested in more content like this, make sure to visit our Guides Tab.

overwatch2 havana screenshot 004
Source: Blizzard

Top Five Glitches Found in Overwatch 2

After a deep dive into the Overwatch 2 Subreddit, I have presented a list of 5 of all the absurd, weird, and amazing glitches seen in this popular game, through its users, as posted on Reddit.

Screenshot 116
Source: Reddit
  • Xbox Achievement Glitch – According to a Reddit user, whenever they get an Xbox Achievement Notification while playing Overwatch 2, they instantly get lagged out of the game with an error code.
Screenshot 118
Source: Reddit
  • Instant Karma Glitch – This player was making the other team ragequit. So the RNG gods gave him a taste of his own medicine by putting him in a losing match.
Screenshot 120
Source: Reddit
  • Transparent Menu Glitch – The HUD disappeared and enemies became invisible. He opened the menu to fix the issue but the menu stayed on the screen. This glitch made this user’s experience unplayable.
Screenshot 124
Source: Reddit
  • Camera Going Down Glitch – If you sit/lay twice at a certain angle in this game, your camera will go down. This Reddit user did an emote 2 times in a row to attain this exploit.
Screenshot 127
Source: Reddit
  • Blurry Map Glitch – This user and his pal had to play during a glitch in which the whole map suddenly became blurry as if a Camera with focus had been turned on. Still, they won the match!

These were 5 Glitches found by Reddit users in Overwatch 2, during the Beta Phase. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with topics related to gaming, tech, and more.

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