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Top Best skins for Catalyst in Apex Legends 

As someone who has played Apex Legend, it is pretty evident that style is something that rhymes with Catalyst. The character is Apex Legends’ own very witchy wonder who is able to control ferro-fluid, bending it to her will, and is known for creating barriers between her opponents and their ongoing victory – all while looking 100 per cent badass.

The character was added at the start of season 15 and for a character that is fairly new, she has some pretty eye-catching skins which you just can’t miss!

Here are the best catalyst skins in Apex Legends!

Top Apex Legends Catalyst skins

Archon – Epic: This extremely clear skin uses a wide variety of materials ranging from metallic to reflective bodice to the unearthly glow of the signature blue ferrofluid.


Legacy of the Ancients – Legendary: This skin is both ancient and futuristic at the same time in terms of details with a pinch of sophistication and royalty too.

Legacy of the Ancients

Suns Up – Legendary: One of the loudest and flashiest skins you can get but it’s surely worth it as it can draw others’ attention to the battlefield making you unique and vibrant.

Suns Up

Blood Moon: This skin makes her look like a character from the JRPGs! This skin features plenty of spikes up and down its leg guard and giving it a disturbing look thanks to the face of the ferrofluid which resembles blood.

Blood Moon

Arachnophobia – Rare: This skin’s red and blue spider web-like pattern looks great next to her existing colour scheme while at the same time being much more subtle than other skins out there


For more info visit the game site – https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends

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