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Victoria 3: Top Best Trainers & Mods to Use

Developed by Paradox Development Studio and Published by Paradox Interactive, Victoria 3 was released for PC on the Steam Marketplace on 25th October 2022. It is a Grand Strategy Video Game, which revolves around the 19th Century, from 1836 to 1936.

In the game, players choose a country during this tumultuous and transformative century and try to balance the interests and needs of its society, and its leaders. As with most games, playing them as they are, gets repetitive and boring frequently.

For this and an improved UI or gameplay tweak, players resort to Mods and Trainers for their needs in the game. This article will discuss the Top 5 Mods you should try in Victoria 3. For more content regarding modding and tweaks, visit our Guides Tab.

Source: Steam

Top 5 Victoria 3 Mods

This is a curated list, formed after scouring the internet for fun and functional mods available for this game. Most of these mods are available on NEXUSMODS, Steam Workshop, and Skymods. The method of installing them is also explained on the website. Click on the Link for your desired mod.

1. Awaken thee Romanian Mod


This mod is a rework mod of Wallachia/Romania. It adds a more historical and flavour-filled way to form Romania! Here is the link. The mod is uploaded by ModsGeek.

2. Combat Extended Mod

Source: Skymods

This mod makes the battle more intense. Created by subtherf, the mod features increased Combat width. More units are able to join the battle and it causes more casualties. There will be a reduction in attrition death, and regular units will be stronger than conscripts. Here is the link.

3. Military Academy Mod

download 123
Source: Skymods

This mod adds a new building called the Military Academy to the game. Created by 马国博士, the link is here.

4. Waifu Britannica – A Waifu Universalis spin-off Mod

download 12323
Source: Skymods

A mod for all of the Weebs out there, Waifu Britannica is the fan spin-off of Claivin’s Waifu Universalis from EU4. This is fundamentally a skin mod, so no major gameplay changes will be seen. It has been modded by SnowBear and the link is over here.

5. Iron Dragon Mod

download 1123
Source: Skymods

This mod makes the game more authentic for the players choosing their countries as China. This will make changes to the history, and the culture of this region. The mod is created by WxW and the link is here.

These were the best mods for Victoria 3, found on NEXUSMODS and Skymods. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with topics related to gaming, tech, and more.

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