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How to Fix Error Code 80246005 (Easy Guide)

Oh oh oh! have you been struck with the error code 80246005? That’s one nasty error code, trust me I’ve been here before. As displeasing as it may sound, the “error code 80246005” is straightforward and quick to fix.

The error code 80246005 usually pops up when you are trying to update your system. Sometimes can also appear when you are installing a new program, or shutting down/rebooting your PC. This error can occur when there is a problem with the update installer is faulty or when there is a bad network connection. This issue can occur when your Windows Update Service (SVCHOST), is being interrupted by some other programs like proxy servers, VPNs, anti-virus programs, firewalls, or some kind of virus or malware. It is suggested that you turn off or disable these kinds of programs if you have any running in the background first.

The error code 80246005 can also occur when the OS is unable to access or save the updates to the Catroot2 folder. It might also occur when the Cryptographic Service is faulty or disabled by default. In order to fix the error code 80246005, we have to deal with the above-mentioned two possible causes.

Fixing Catroot 2 folder:

Catroot 2 issue can occur when the installer isn’t able to access the folder, when it can’t copy, swap, or delete the existing file. Basically, it occurs when the permission is only set to read-only and meaning any changes can’t be made. Now to fix the issue, follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Run Command Prompt as administrator.
  • Enter the command attrib -h -s -r c:\windows\system32\catroot2 .
  • Followed by the command attrib -h -s -r c:\windows\system32\catroot2\*.* .
  • Once it’s done close the command prompt.

Once the procedure is done, your PC will have all the permissions granted to access the catroot2 folder.

Fixing Cryptographic Service:

In order to fix the Cryptographic Service, follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Open Administrative Tools. You can do so by searching the same in the control panel.
  • Select Services.
  • Now select Windows Update Service.
  • Right-click on the Windows Update Service and select start or restart, whichever is present at the time.
  • Now select the Cryptographic Services from the previous menu.
  • Right-click on it and select start/restart, whichever is present at the moment.

Once the procedure is done the Cryptographic service should be fixed.

If this process didn’t work for you, or you don’t want to follow these somewhat long steps and want someone to help you, like just do the work for you, you can use any popular and trusted Windows PC repair tool.


These are some possible ways to fix the error code 80246005. These are simple and quick to perform. But if none of the ways we mentioned didn’t work for you, we’re sorry to say, you might have to clean install the entire OS. It will wipe all your data, so make sure you backup all of your important data. This is the last resort, try the rest of the fixes before you perform this. If you think windows support will be of help, then here’s the link https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/home/contact?SourceApp=smc2&ContactUsExperienceEntryPointAssetId=www.microsoft.com .

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