Valorant Public Beta – How to Apply for Valorant PBE & Get Qualify

Are you ready to join the next Valorant PBE? Here we will show you some best ways and methods so that you always get accepted in the Valorant PBE and access all the Public beta features.

Valorant Public beta is currently giving many cool options and the opportunities to unlock skins and test the new agents before anyone does.

So, if you are wondering what Valorant PBE is and the benefits, how to apply for it, check this post from the start and get your confusion cleared.

What is Valorant PBE?

Valorant PBE states Valorant Public Beta Environment, a project started by the RIOT games for some weeks now. In this PBE, some users are selected or taken based on their registration criteria by qualifying them.

The Qualified users can get access to Previewing Upcoming Features in Valorant before going live for other users. This will help direct the RIOT developers to analyze and fix the bugs. Only a few selected or Qualified players can access the PBE features.

So make sure to get the PBE registration quickly and get the Opportunities to such Features –

  • Preveiwing Upcming Patches
  • Access New Maps Earlier
  • Try New Agents First
  • Trying Sking in Valorant Free of Cost

Requirements for PBE?

There are some requirements that you should be following to enroll in the Valorant PBE without getting disqualifying. Make sure your Valorant Account follows these criteria, which are shown below –

  • No Active Bans Before
  • Enough Hardware
  • Good Playing Frequency
  • Average In game Rank
  • You must be from NA (North American Region)

Sadly, if you are from outside NA, you cannot participate in this project, as most of the developers live in the NA region and can provide better network latency easily in the region.

Also, make sure to use your main account for the registration. The RIOT games will not give you a separate PBE account. They will activate the PBE for your provided main account only.

Valorant PBE – Get Started & Registration

After checking all the basic requirements for the VBE and others, you can now easily get started with the PBE Registration. Here you will be provided all the details for registration to downloading the Valorant PBE from scratch.

1) VBE Registration

Visit the Riot Games Official PBE Registration Page and Click Apply Here

2) Existing Account Login

Now log in with your NA Account, which is your Existing account

3) Downloading VBE Installer

After Signing in, you will be redirected to the Download Page and Click the Download button to start downloading the new VBE Installer. Installation of the new Valorant will require you 16GB of Storage.

4) Confirmation Email and Login

Wait until you get your Confirmation Email from RIOT, which will provide your Login Link. And Click on the Login Link (URL) received, which will Automatically Open your VBE Account.

5) Registration Complete

Log in with your VBE Account and Enjoy your game!

That was easy! Now make sure you followed each step carefully to avoid disqualification from the Valorant VBE Registration program. Also, remember not everyone will be qualified on the registration, as it all depends on the required pattern of RIOT games.

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