Valorant: Aggressive Neon Relay Bolt Lineups (All Maps) 2022

Now that Valorant’s 18th agent, Neon has been out for some time, we’re seeing tons of clips of pro players and content creators aggressively outplaying their enemies. Word in the community is that the agent is overpowered.

Well, she can be even stronger if you know some of her Q ability– the Relay Bolt lineups, to stun certain key positions of the map. So here are some of her most effective lineups on each map.

Split Map

1. Aggressive A Main Push from Heaven

For this quick lineup, you need to stand on the farthest end (towards Screens) of A Heaven’s Rafter and align the tip of the Relay Bolt logo with the lights on the opposite building as shown in the above image, and then fire your Q ability. You can use two Relay bolts too if needed.

This lineup stuns the narrow entrance of the A-Main entrance, so you can use your ultimate and push the attackers, guaranteeing kills and a highlight reel clip.

2. Fast Lane Wall Push in Mid

You can use your Fast Lance (C) ability like shown in the image, throw a Relay Bolt on the right side of the wall to stun all of Ramen, then sprint between the walls and take an aggressive firefight right as the round begins.

This lineup works great when you notice that your enemies are pushing mid every round. Using this you can surprise your enemies, who might not even have their gun equipped.

3. Aggressive B main Push

For this Lineup, you need to climb on the box right at the entry at B Main so that you have the Garage wall visible. You can throw a Relay Bolt through this narrow-angle as shown to stun a large portion of the garage entrance.

This lineup works if you have good spray transfer skills or when using Neon’s ultimate. This too is an early-round play and always takes the enemies by surprise.

Icebox Map

A main Stun from top of Pipes

For this one, you need to be quick and use the ropes just as the round begins and throw a Relay Bolt like shown in the image, from the top of pipes. This stuns all enemies standing in the L-shaped bend as they have no place to run.

This lineup works great on save rounds as you only need one Relay Bolt and your ultimate to kill almost all the enemies when timed perfectly.

Both Nest and Belt stun from top of Generator

When on top of the Generator in A site, you can quickly aim at this spot as shown and shoot a relay bolt to easily stun enemies both in Nest and on top of Belt.

This lineup, when combined with the previous one, can completely thwart any push attempts into the A site.

3. Boiler stun for an easy mid rush

When near the A-main entrance, (screenshot with a map for reference), you can aim at this spot as shown and shoot a Relay Bolt that lands on Boiler, and stuns the entirety of it.

This lineup is especially important as it clears the Boiler position from any enemies guarding mid, often with an operator.

Haven Map

Early round Mid Entry Stun

Prepare by aiming at the creak between the Double-Doors and shoot a Relay Bolt as soon as the barrier rises. This stuns the entirety of Mid Entrance allowing for an easy peek and kill. Make sure your teammates smoke off the B window or you may get shot from there.

Breeze Map

1. Elbow Stun from B Tunnel

Aim at below the “Roti- Boatie” sign from B tunnel and shoot a Relay Bolt to stun the elbow bend followed by a swift push and easy kills. This lineup gets you a kill a majority of the time.

2. Fast Lane wall push at A main

Cast a Fast Lane at the spot shown to create enough space to sprint to the Caves. You can then use a Relay Bolt on either side and follow it with a quick slide and shoot.

This works great when you have faith in your aim, or else you will get traded as it is a hotspot for enemies ready to kill you on sight.

Ascent Map

B Main aggressive push with Stun

You can aim between these 2 bars from B main and shoot a Relay Bolt, as soon as the barrier rises to effectively stun the entire Tunnels area. You can now push with your ultimate for an easy multi-kill.

A Main aggressive push with Stun

To perform this aggressive play, you need to aim just above the wall from A main as shown in the image, this stuns a vast portion of the A Lobby and allows for some swift ultimate kills.


A Short aggressive push with Stun and Fast Lane

You can shoot a Relay Bolt at this spot as shown, then follow up with a Fast Lane to avoid getting shot by any enemies on the left side of A Short. Sprint and slide out of the wall to get some easy kills.


Aggressive Push with from A ropes to Halls

You can shoot a Relay Bolt by aiming at the upper part of the door to concuss both the door area and a portion of the Halls. This allows you to push, preferably accompanied by another teammate.

Stun for aggressive push to B main

This one is one of our favorites. You just need to aim at the spot shown, shoot a Relay Bolt, and it will be sure to concuss a majority of enemies looking to rush into B site. Make sure to time it right as the barrier rises.

So that was all of our aggressive lineups, but don’t let that stop you. The game is based on creativity so you’re free to try out and use your own lineups and let us know!

Written by
Aditya Mukherjee

Aditya is an ardent PC gamer, game developer and content writer. He covers the upcoming AAA games ranging from multiplayer shooters to story based campaigns. You can always depend on him for the latest on the greatest and the best recommendations that you can get.

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