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Valorant Neon Guide: How to Use Abilities (Tips & Tricks)

Valorant recently launched a new trailer for its new duelist called “Neon”. In this guide, we will talk about all the abilities this character offers which will help you develop the best scenario and win fights and dominate.

Valorant is a 5vs5 multiplayer shooter game developed and published by Riot Games and offers various characters to develop a tactical shooter. These characters have different abilities that you must utilize to win fights.

Riot started teasing Neon’s arrival to Valorant with their cryptic “I go fast” trailer, Chamber’s voiceline “…Manila is quite warm this time of year” among other easter eggs since early December. All this only added to the hype around the game’s newest and debatably fastest addition.

All About Neon?

Neon is the Flash of Valorant. When you look at the new trailer you will see lightning sparks for different parts of her body like shoes, eyes, hands, and more. In the trailer, she is shown traveling fast while giving her room a new look.

Neon will be available when episode four: Disruption starts. Neon was earlier leaked by amazon prime gaming where they showed a poster of this character and the lighting features she has.

All Abilities of Neon Valorant

Like other characters in valorant this character also has superpowers that can be used to overcome any obstacle or develop different strategies to dominate enemies and win the match.

From the trailer, we can see that this character has around four abilities similar to other characters. These abilities are explained briefly down below from basic to ultimate abilities of Neon.

High Gear (E)

Neon’s signature ability allows her to run 33% for a designated time, during which she can use her abilities but not guns. She can also perform a slide when high gear is active by pressing the alt fire button.

Players have 1 charge of this ability, and her slide recharges every 2 kills.

Relay Bolt (Q)

Like the KayO grenade, Neon’s nade has some similar area coverage but it can bounce off from up to two walls before falling to the ground. When exploded, this leaves the enemy stunned. Thus the enemies are somewhat vulnerable so you can easily kill them.

The Relay Bolt can be bounced off of a surface and stuns both the bounce surface and where it lands. It’s stun radius is 5 metres, takes 1 second to wind up.

Players have 2 charges of this ability and it costs 200 credits.

Fast Lane (C)

You may have used phoenix’s firewall. Similar to this, Neon’s firewall also provides coverage from enemy eyes. The important feature of this wall is that it covers both sides as shown in the above image.

You can also sprint and slide through this wall. Thus you can easily cross enemy lines and surprise the enemies and kill them easily.

Neon’s Fast Lane lasts for 7 seconds and spans 50 metres in range. It damages all players excluding Neon herself.

Players have 1 charge of this ability and it costs 300 credits.

Ultimate – Overdrive (X)

The anime crossover is finally here. Now you can kill enemies by aiming your fingers towards them. Neon’s ultimate ability allows her to fire electric beams from her fingers which when combined with sprint and slide can be a powerful ultimate ability. Her sprint ability is equipped along with the ultimate.

Her ultimate takes 7 orbs to fully charge.

Hands on with Neon- How she’s effective on your team

But now that the wait is over, and we finally have our hands on Valorant’s Act-4, we can actually see what’s so great about Neon.

Design and Aesthetic

Neon sports an athletic attire, clad in violet and blue trousers and running shoes. Her vest seems to act as a conduit for her electrical powers as her hands and face have patterns that glow up along with her hair because of her Radianite abilities. One look at her gives us an exact idea of what she’s good for. Speed.

Her Unique Mobility

When Riot teased that the next agent could run really fast, many fans dubbed her as just another Jett. But that’s not the case at all. Neon’s abilities make her an unique edition to the roster. Her signature ability, “High Gear” is more often used to get into fights quicker rather than run away from them, as is the case with Jett’s dash. You can take fights quicker, rotate faster and of course, use the element of surprise on your behalf. Her passive slide is a gods gift to players who love movement in-game. She can quickly peek corners with a smooth slide and before the opponent reacts- well they’re dead.

Self Sufficient Ability Set

What makes Neon a good duelist is that she doesn’t need the help of a controller or initiator to take control of sites. Her “Fast Lane” ability is a great way to block enemy sightlines to make way for your team by raising two electric walls to make a safe passage. This is especially great for site-entry as attackers when there’s snipers guarding entrances. Her “Relay Bolt” ability makes her the first duelist to have a concussion grenade. She can not only concuss one, but two spots with it. One can easily concuss common angles before entering a site. Oh, and we don’t need to tell Valorant players twice that there can be lineups with it too.

Ultimate Run-and-Zap

It’s no secret how effective run-and-gun in Valorant is. If you like running and gunning down enemies, you’re in for a treat. Neon’s ultimate “Overdrive” equips you with a finger blaster to zap enemies with a beam of electricity, with almost zero movement inaccuracy. Just make sure not to jump while using it, General Palpatine.

So if like us, you too have decided to main Neon, don’t forget to activate her agent contract before getting on the grind for XP.

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