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Valorant: 5 Best Crosshairs that can make you PRO 2022

If you are looking for the best valorant crosshairs that can help you become a pro in valorant, then you are at the right place. Today we will feature the top 5 Crosshairs that you have never seen before.

These crosshairs can help you become better at the game. In the end, it all comes down to aiming in valorant. If you don’t have a good crosshair in valorant, your chances of winning the 1v1 fight are low.

Crosshairs can help you make your aim better in valorant, and We will be featuring some minimal visual clutter crosshairs to see your enemy head while aiming easily. Some of these crosshairs are used by pro players in valorant.

What is the best crosshair for valorant?

To determine what crosshair is best, we need to understand all the settings of the crosshair. First, one of the most important crosshair settings in valorant is movement and firing error. These two settings can be the reason you are struggling with your aim in valorant.

While playing the game, you may have noticed that while you are moving or firing, a few lines are moving alongside your crosshair. Turning off movement and firing errors in crosshair settings can make your aim stable, and you can get more kills.

J5TN’s Hollow Diamond Minecraft Like Crosshair

This crosshair is created by a small youtube called J5TN. I have been using his crosshair for a long time, and it’s terrific. I managed to push from Gold to Diamond easily. I will suggest everyone try out this Crosshair.

J5TN Valorant Crosshair Settings

J5TN Valorant Crosshair Settings

Inner LinesOn / 1 / 3 / 3
OutlinesOff / 0.5 / 1
Outer LinesOn / 1 / 1 / 7 / 1
Center DotOff / 1 / 3
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

Scream’s Dot Crosshair

Scream is one of the most popular valorant streamers and esports players. The dude is also known as a headshot machine because of his insane aim and crosshair placements in valorant.

You can copy the settings below for the scream valorant crosshair to get a better aim like scream.

Scream Valorant Crosshair Settings

Scream Valorant Crosshair Settings

Inner LinesOff
OutlinesOn / 1 / 1
Outer LinesOff
Center DotOn / 1 / 3
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

Unique X Crosshair

This crosshair is one of the unique crosshairs ever created in valorant, and if you want to become a pro quickly, I will suggest everyone use it as it’s perfect and well designed.

X Crosshair Valorant Settings

X Crosshair Valorant Settings

Inner LinesOn / 1 / 2 / 8 / 1
Outer LinesOn / 1 / 1 / 10 / 2
Center DotOn / 1 / 2
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

YAY Plus Sign Crosshair

This is a very minimalistic valorant crosshair. It’s basically a Plus sign crosshair. YAY has been using it for a long time as an esports player.

This crosshair can help you become pro in valorant and help you shoot enemies quickly. If you want to become a pro player like him, you should definitely try this one out.

YAY Plus Crosshair Valorant Settings

YAY Plus Crosshair Valorant Settings

Inner LinesOff
OutlinesOn / 1 / 1
Outer LinesOn / 1 / 3 / 2 / 2
Center DotOff
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

Shazam’s Valorant Crosshair

If you don’t know who shazam is, you should know that he is one of the best esports players of valorant. He is known for not missing his shots in FPS video games.

Shazam is an outstanding player in valorant. His crosshair has made him a better player because while using it, you can see the enemies head clearly.

Shazam Crosshair Valorant Settings

Shazam Crosshair Valorant Settings

Inner LinesOff
OutlinesOn / 0.5 / 1
Outer LinesOn / 1 / 5 / 2 / 3
Center DotOff
Fade/Movement/Firing ErrorOff / Off / Off

Please note that these crosshair settings work best for these players, which doesn’t mean that they will benefit you exactly. At last, it all comes down to player preference, So I suggest you try these crosshairs on unrated matches first.

Written by
Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.


  • I love J5TN’s channel. He posts such great cross hair tutorials, I’m glad he’s been getting more recognition! I’ve been using his small circle cross hair for awhile now

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