Valorant Leaks & upcoming changes: New agent & battle pass

Valorant is a 5v5 Tactical Shooter game developed by Riot Games. It is the first game by the company in this genre and they’re giving it their all. Riot comes up with regular patches almost every month and sometimes even multiple times a month. Some of these patches are just bug fixes and some bring about major changes in the game that shift the meta.

With the constant string of updates and the game being as popular as it is, there are bound to be people out there who datamine new information about gameplay changes and various new upcoming features. There are also leaks from the company or people connected to the community that constantly keep coming in. So in this article, we will discuss all the latest Valorant Leaks including the upcoming ones.

Latest Valorant Leaks

Riot is set to release another patch on May 10, 2022 with a few changes and a new feature. The changes for this were leaked during a weekend PBE fron April 29 to May 2. Before we get into the leaks, if there’s any Chamber mains here, this might be the time you click off. I’m sure you wouldn’t like what you see.

Chamber Changes

Valorant Leaks
Chamber change leaks

During the PBE, some of the changes to Chamber’s Trademark were tested. The charges for Trademark was reduced from 2 to 1 and the cost of the Trademark was increased from 150 to 200. The audio cue for the ability when someone triggers it was also increased to make it more clear and easier for the enemy to break it before the slow field is activated.

As soon as these Valorant Leaks came to light, a lot of people talked about them and most of them didn’t like them. The opinion was that this change seems to nerf the “Sentinels” part of Chamber while the Teleport stays the broken mechanic still. After the nerf to Jett’s dash with Fade’s release, everyone was expecting changes to Chamber’s teleport instead of Trademark.

New Clutch Mute Feature

Apart from the Chamber changes, which are the meat of the update, there is also another feature that was tested in the PBE. It is worth to note here that these changes were only tested. Just like with all the other leaks, there is no guarantee that they will make it into the game in the upcoming update.

Remember those times when you’re the last person left and your entire team is either backseating you and making you confused or just straight up spamming in their mic making it unable for you to focus? Riot is trying to fix that with this feature.

They tested a feature where you could toggle mute the party/team voice chat ON/OFF with a press of a button whenever you want. According to the Valorant Leaks, all you’d have to do is set up this keybind in your settings and you’re good to go.

Bug Fixes

Apart from the Chamber change and the mute feature in the Valorant leaks, there were also a few bug fixes. These included Chamber’s Trademark audio being bugged out, Jett being unable to use Tailwind after curving the Cloudburst sometimes, and Jett’s ultimate indicator still being active even after she has thrown all her daggers.

That is all the leaks from the PBE, an update from that is set to release on May 10, 2022. Like we said before, the changes in Valorant Leaks aren’t confirmed and were only being tested. Riot could decide to change parts of it based on the test.

Cascade Agent Select

Leaked by ValorLeaks, Cascade Agent Select is the new Agent Select mode that Riot is testing. This is aimed at preventing the “Instalock problem” in the game. Usually when you load into a ranked game, specially in lower ranks, there would always be a person who instantly locks an agent that you might want to play.

Even if it’s not an agent you want to play, it is still considered bad taste to instantly lock an agent because it forces the rest of your team to pick other roles. To fix this, according to Valorant Leaks, the new Cascade Agent Select is being tested by Riot. In this mode, every player will select agent one-by-one, much like League of Legends.

The person on the top will select ones and there will be a 10 second difference between every person’s agent selection. It can be seen more clearly in the Screenshot below.

Cascade Agent Select

Previous Valorant Leaks

Valorant Leaks have been a thing since the launch of the game, if not even before. Let’s see some of the more recent leaks and how they were leaked much earlier than the official announcements.

RGX bundle was released with the recent update in Valorant that also included Fade, new Act, and the Jett and Sova nerfs. The bundle was officially announced on April 27 by Valorant on their social media. But, the look and final kill animation of this bundle were already leaked on April 25 by ValorLeaks. Similarly, the battle pass was officially revealed near the update but it was leaked on the same date as the RGX bundle.

While the Jett and Sova changes were officially revealed by Riot in the Patch Notes for Patch 4.08, the changes were already leaked as well. Jett changes were leaked on April 20 and Sova nerf was given away because of a document. Similarly, a lot of things get leaked/datamined and this usually happens a few days before the update is coming out.

That is all for Valorant Leaks for now. Hope this article was helpful and I feel for all the Chamber mains out there.

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