Valorant New and Upcoming Skins (Battlepass and More) 2022

Valorant New and upcoming skins have always been a big highlight during every patch. Riot Games recently announced the arrival of update 4.08 with a brand new Act in the fourth Episode and it comes with a barrage of changes and new features. This article will highlight all the important changes and we will also dive deep into all the Valorant New and upcoming skins.

Valorant Patch 4.08

Valorant New Agent

Patch 4.08, set to release on April 27, 2022, across every server, features a brand new agent. Fade comes in the middle of Riot’s commitment to balancing the game. The agent looks absolutely phenomenal and the drip marketing has already attracted streamers and Valorant players from all around the world to this patch. She knows your deepest fear and feeds on them to get an edge over you in battle.

Apart from the agent and the Valorant new and upcoming skins, the update also features heavy nerf to Jett’s dash and Sova’s drone, and Shock Dart. These can be read on the official website of Valorant, or after the release of official Patch Notes. Apart from this, one last feature worth mentioning is the new Cascade Agent Select. This is like League of Legends where one player picks their agent at a time.

Valorant New and Upcoming Skins

With the patch highlights out of the way, and we know you’ve been waiting for this, Riot has drip marketed a huge amount of upcoming skins in the game.

Valorant New and Upcoming Skins

First leaked by ValorLeaks, and now officially announced by Riot, is the new skin bundle called RGX 11z Pro. These have already gotten a bundle before and now, alongside patch 4.08, there is a brand new set of guns that can be bought through the Valorant Store. These will drop along with the update and, believe us when we say that they look absolutely amazing. We all know that Valorant does a great job at making and marketing skins. A full video on all of these skin effects can be seen here.

This will be the first bundle in Act 3 which will be followed by many more amazing Valorant new and upcoming skins and bundles. But that is not all for Patch 4.08. Since there is a new Act, there is also a new Battle pass. While the skins in the Battlepass haven’t been officially announced yet, ValorLeaks has again done a great job at data mining and shown us the following skins featured in Episode 4 Act 3 Battle pass.

Valorant new and upcoming skins – Melee

There is always a featured Melee weapon with every Battle Pass. This time around, Valorant has released a cheaper version of the ax-shaped knife in the battle pass. Along with this, there are a bunch of other skins.

Hue Shift Skinline
.SYS Skinline
Valorant new Player cards

All of the pictures above have been taken from ValorLeaks. Along with a bunch of weapon skins, Valorant always features a ton of player cards, charms, and titles in the Battle Pass. You can see the player cards above but the Valorant new and upcoming skins for charms haven’t been released just yet. The Battle Pass will start today as soon as the update drops in your server and it’s one of the best deals for budget spenders.

All of the Valorant new and upcoming skins mentioned above are going to be released along with the update. This means when you login to the game after updating on April 27, 2022 (April 28, 2022, for some), you will already find both the RGX bundle and the Battle Pass that you can buy and grind through to get all the skins, or just buy the entire thing.

Valorant Patch 4.08 has been a huge patch considering that there are so many Valorant new and upcoming skins, a new agent, and a bunch of changes to the beloved agents, Jett and Sova, that have given rise to some debates across the community. Nonetheless, the new agent came as a surprise since the Riot Developers said that they are going to focus on game health and balancing during Episode 4. But, we’ll take it.

That will do for all the new goodies in patch 4.08. Chances are, the patch might be already out or coming soon when you read this article so we hope you enjoy all the new things!

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