Valorant Night Market: Dates, Skins, More, How to Get (2022)

If you’ve played Valorant for even just a little bit, you’ve definitely had a journey to the Valorant Store where you see the latest bundle featured and your mouth starts drooling, you want to get it. But then, you look at the price and it costs around 100 bucks to get just one bundle. That’s where Valorant Night Market comes in.

Valorant is known for having extremely expensive weapon skins. Apart from the Battle Pass, you’re required to spend quite a lot of money to get the skin that you want. Valorant is a free game that provides a grind to get the agents within it for free as well.

So, the major source of income for them is through these Bundle Skins, hence, the high price. But, all hope is not lost for players wanting to buy their favorite skins for a cheaper price because the Valorant Night Market exists.

What is Valorant Night Market

Valorant Night Market
Valorant Night Market

While buying the actual skins when they’re released can be a dream for most of the Valorant Players, the game has a feature that allows players to buy the skins they want at a fraction of their actual price.

This is called the Night Market. Every time the market arrives, it gives players 6 weapon skins across all the weapons at random. A player cannot choose what skin they will get but they can get very lucky and get amazing skins as shown below.

Both the rarity and the type of skins are completely random but, if you do get a skin you want, it costs much lesser than its actual price. So, the next question is, when does the night market arrive?

When does Night Market Arrive?

Screenshot from Yezzan

Usually, Riot has a gap of a month or two in-between Night Markets. This doesn’t mean that there will be a Night Market every month. Here are the previous Night Market dates in Valorant to give you an idea:

Start DateEnd DateEpisode & Act
December 10, 2020January 11, 2021E01 A03
February 11, 2021February 23, 2021E02 A01
April 8, 2021April 20, 2021E02 A02
June 2, 2021June 15, 2021E02 A03
July 28, 2021August 10, 2021E03 A01
September 29, 2021 October 12, 2021E03 A02
December 9, 2021December 21, 2021E03 A03
February 9, 2022 February 22, 2022E04 A01
April 6, 2022April 19, 2022E04 A02
Previous Night Market dates

As you can see, even if the precise date for the Valorant night market is unpredictable, there is one in each of the acts. These are usually towards the end of the Act as well. So, people looking to buy some skins for a cheaper amount than the actual amount can expect another Night Market towards the end of Episode 4 Act 3 which will be around the end of May or early June.

Accessing the night market is an easy task though. When you first login during a Night Market, you will see a very big box that will say “Night Market” and you can just click on it to go there. If you’ve already been to the Market once, then the next time you have to click on the card in the top-right of your screen to access it again.

Unfortunately, the skins cannot be rerolled in the Valorant Night Market. It’s complete RNG and once you get the skins, you’re stuck with them for the remainder of the market.

That is all for Valorant Night Market, hope this article was helpful!

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