Valorant Episode 4 Act 1 Battle Pass, Breeze and More Skins

As a result of the expiration of the battle pass, prior seasons give, players are guessing the release date of this new act and the new agent. This new act will also include a number of different skins and knives.

Valorant Leaks have recently provided us with how the new changes are being published with the release of the new act. These changes will feature map changes, battle pass skins reveal and featured skin bundle.

New Battle Pass Skins Episode 4

On Twitter, Mike revealed that the new battle pass comes with a customizable karambit knife and this looks pretty skin regarding the price you spend on getting different skins, buddies, and a knife too in only one bundle.

It was also revealed that in the battle pass there will be a phantom skin that has the same theme as the karambit and that skin also looks good. Soon more items from the battle pass skins will be revealed.

Breeze Map Changes

Breach being a more defender-oriented map is going to have some changes that are going to help the attackers too. Though you can not neglect that a good aim can dominate the scenes most of the time.

The first change is in the back site of A where the four boxes are replaced by a yellow container and more boxes. From A main you can see that the walls are now narrower so now you can wide peek the angles from far without worrying about an operator.

On the B side, you can see that new structures are added to add a cover for some open angles that will help in planting the spike, and also at the backside, they have added a new wall for the defenders.

Protocol 781-A Bundle: Transformers Skin

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