How to Use Valorant Shop Checker?

Are you one of the people who spend on Valorant but can’t log in to the game every day to check your daily rotation of weapon skins? Well, this article is specifically for you. Below, you will find a way to check your daily rotation without opening Valorant using a third-party website called Valorant Store Checker.

While a large part of the Valorant community plays the game every day, there are some of us that cannot open the game every single day. This can be because of various reasons: you can have a hectic job, you could be going out on a vacation for a few days, or you’re just busy playing other games. It doesn’t feel good when you want those Reaver weapons and you’re waiting for every daily reset to get them, and they appear on the days when you can’t log n.

What is Valorant Store Checker?

Valorant Shop Checker
Valorant Shop Checker – Featured Bundle

Valorant Shop/Store Checker is a website that is recently developed by a Valorant player. The website focuses on providing every Valorant player the information about the currently featured bundle in the game with its price, and also the skins that are available on a daily reset in their account. Since these are different for every player, it requires you to provide your log in details.

It is worth mentioning that this is a third-party website and is in no way related to Riot Games or Valorant. Providing your log-in credentials to it is a risk and we recommend people to do it at their own behest. It is still in beta and some glitches can occur every now and then, but other than that, the idea of this website is unique and really helpful.

How to Check for Skins on the Website

Now that we’ve introduced the website to you, let’s get into how to check for different kinds of skins (featured/daily reset) on the website.

Featured Bundle

To check the featured bundle on Valorant Shop Checker, simply head over to the website by clicking on the button below.

Once you’re on the website, it should already load you on the home page. You can see the bundle that is currently featured here. The language for the page is set to Japanese by default so once you load in, you can change this to English by clicking on the “Change Language” button on the left side. You can also join the Discord Community for the website and turn the page to Dark Mode from the same panel.

Daily Reset Skins

Valorant has a Daily Reset where everyone gets four skins in the shop that reset every day. These skins are different for every player and are completely random. This is the main reason for this website. A lot of players cannot be bothered with the hassle of logging in every day just to check if they got the skin that they want.

You can easily check the daily skins of your account on this website using the following method:

  • Open the website from the link provided above and switch to the Daily Store from the top left of the website. If you cannot see the button to switch to daily store, click on the three bars on the Top Left.
  • Here, you will be asked for your Riot Username and Password, Region of your account, and the language in which you want the skin to be displayed. Once you provide this information, check the “I agree” button and click on Check.
  • You will be able to see the current daily reset skins on your account.

Valorant Shop Checker doesn’t ask for the two-factor authentication which is required to actually change password of your Riot Account. The website claims that the log in information will not be stored according to the Privacy Policies as well.

That is all for Valorant Shop Checker, hope this article was helpful.

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