Who is the Voice Actor of Neon Agent in Valorant [Act-4]

On January 05, 2022, Valorant has finally revealed the new agent through the Neon Agent Trailer, its look, and its abilities everything about the new agent. The New Agent is named “Neon” who is a philippine based, agent number 19, which is basically a duelist who was the most anticipated agent so far.

There are very unique abilities of the Neon Agent, which is explained here, have a lookout about the new agent in valiant, which is soon going to release. Here we are talking about the voice actor of Valorant and her career apart from the Neon voice in Valorant.

Valorant Neon Agent Look

The New agent has been finally shown in the trailer, where you can see the look which matches most from the voice actor itself, the voice has been added which is a philippine English based accent.

Valorant Neon Voice Actor

Vanille Velasquez is a new young Filipino voice actor, who just got featured in the valorant Act 4, with the new agent who is “Neon”. She started her voice acting career at a very young age, and worked in several video games and cartoons, including Ikai (Naoko), Shadow of Death (Quinn Nephilam), and others.

The Valorant has made the character new look exactly the same as Vanille, which is an amazing job done by Valorant developers, especially the character team for making the amazing voice into the game.

Vanille Velasquez Career

She started her career in voice acting in 2016, from Dubbing Academy and worked on Hero TV which is a Philippine Anime TV shot.

Also, she has voiced other game characters such as – Naoko in Ikai, Gisela++ in Valor Legends: Eternity, Krystal in Starry love, Quinn Nephiliam in Shadow of Death, and others.

Leaving the game industry, she also worked in Kids’ shows which are – Jelly in Jelly Ben and Pogo TV show, Kokeko in Lil Wild, Lana and Lisa Loud in The Loud House – Tahalog dub, and others.

Vanille Social Media Pages

These are the social media pages, that Vanille Velasquez handles, you can follow here and keep updated with her.

Fans are looking forward to the arrival of Neon in the game. The agent is set to appear in the next Valorant Act, which is Act 4 after various teasers and the neon trailer release. So, Players need to wait for now, until the new act releases completely, so they can finally get neon in the game.

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