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Top 5 Best Oculus Quest 2 Shooting Games to Play So Far 2022

Here are our top 5 picks for the “Best Shooter Games” for Oculus Quest 2 in 2022. This list is based on the best and popular titles that people have played a lot in the last year. If you are a big fan of FPS Shooters, then you might absolutely love the ones we mentioned here.

The games we added here are both multiplayer and singleplayer so you can pick the game according to your choice, Oculus quest game library is getting insanely massive day by day, and it’s really hard to select which game is the best choice, Don’t you worry we have added the best games rated by users so you can spend your money without hesitation. So without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite is a classic sniper shooter game. This game has been reviewed as one of the best sniper games ever made to this date. We finally got a VR version of the game to play of our Oculus Quest 2.

The VR version of this game brings so much detail and reality. You have to reload your weapons manually and do stealth-action combats on your own, which makes the game absolutely insane. I suggest you play this game on your Oculus as it’s one of the best games. The game price is $29.99, and the installation size is about 3.86 GB.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

If you are a fan of the title Walking dead or any zombie game out there, then “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners” is the best choice for you right now. The game is available to play on Oculus Quest 2.

Playing a Zombie game in VR brings so much realism to the game as you are the one actually inside the game fighting off zombies. The detail and graphics quality of the game are absolutely insane. I will recommend everyone to at least give it a try. The game price is about $39.99, and the required disk space is 40 GB.


Onward is a brand new FPS Competitive Shooter for Oculus Quest 2 device, and if you are a fan of CSGO, Valorant, and other similar competitive shooters out there, then this might be the pick for you. The game is a 5v5 Online Battle against other players.

The visual detail of Onwards is phenomenal. You get to experience a real military shooter. I will suggest you buy this game because it’s one of the best games to play in 2022 on your Oculus Quest. The game price is about $24.99, and the required disk space is 30 GB.


Contractors is a military shooter similar to Call of Duty. The game is very detailed and enjoyable to play. Like COD, it gives you a massive selection of weapons load-outs to select from. Even though the game lacks graphics detail, the game still is one of the best shooters out there.

If you are looking for a military-sim-like call of duty, this might be the pick for you as it brings a lot of good vibes while playing it. The community of the game is really good and friendly. So what are you waiting for? Come on, head into the game and play it right now 🙂 The game costs about $19.99, and the disk space required is 20 GB.

Resident Evil 4 VR – Best Oculus Quest 2 Game

I know you might have played resident evil 4 before. If yes, then let me tell you that the VR experience of this game is so scary that it gives you chills while playing this old-school, Zombie shooting title. I have been so impressed by this game it’s available to play on Oculus Quest devices.

The graphics are similar to the PC and Console version of Resident Evil, which is brilliant. If you want to complete this game once more, I suggest you buy it right now and try it out. I am sure you will have so much fun while playing the game. The game price is nearly 40$, and the required HDD space is 20GB.

Bonus Game 6: Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender is an artistic-style game that will bring you absolute joy while playing the game. You will have different types of enemies to shoot in the tower. I love my time in the game as it’s so pleasant and chill to play.

The graphics are not made for everyone as some players don’t like the cartoonish style of graphics, So I will suggest you buy only if you are not a big fan of the graphics part, Rest assured, the game is entirely well-packed. The game costs about 24.99$.

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Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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