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Activision Ricochet Anti-cheat has already been bypassed by hackers? Drivers got leaked?

Call of Duty has finally listened to all of the fans’ requests from the past year. They finally decided to add a better anti-cheat to prevent hackers and cheaters that were running the game.

Ricochet is the new kernel-based anti-cheat created by the internal team of Call of duty for those of you who don’t know. They have been working on this for the past year, trying to make it better and better.

Ricochet anti-cheat is arriving with the vanguard official release. This anti-cheat will be added in the warzone and Vanguard to protect it from hackers. But I think that’s not the case, This step only provoked the cheating community, and it seems like they took it as a personal insult.

What is Ricochet anti-cheat and How does it work?

Ricochet anti-cheat is a kernel-level anti-cheat that is used to protect Call of duty from cheaters. This anti-cheat generally works on the kernel (system level), which means that this anti-cheat will start working as soon as your computer is started.

Suppose some player tries to use any cheats or hacks in the game, which can only be done by manipulating the game memory nakedly or without any protected or current drivers that are already in existence. The anti-cheat will instantly ban you from the game.

Will Ricochet anticheat be able to stop cheaters in Warzone?

Ricochet monitors all of your system hardware and software means that as soon as you start your system, the anti-cheat starts in the background and starts monitoring all of the applications installed on your system. (that’s why its called kernel-based)

We all know that kernel-based anti-cheat works pretty well in cheating cases. Take the example of Valorant uses a kernel-based anti-cheat called Vanguard. It’s the best anti-cheat ever, as claimed by Riot Games. Still, we have to agree on the fact that there are far fewer cheaters in valorant.

But Ricochet is no Vanguard Anti-cheat. Many hackers have already found drivers or made drivers that can bypass the anti-cheat created by the Call of duty which is frightening to see because we all have been waiting for something new for the warzone.

Hackers Claim that it’s easy to bypass the new anti-cheat called Ricochet

Hackers are already claiming that they can easily bypass the new Call of duty anti-cheat, and it changes nothing for them. They will keep selling hacks for the warzone and Vanguard like they always do.

Many cheating and game hacking forums have already posted the bypasses for the Ricochet anti-cheat, and it’s frightening to see because if there is no change in the cheating scene of Call of duty, then the franchise is in big trouble.

As you can see in the tweet above, cheat developers already satisfy their customers not to get a refund because they already have bypassed the new Call of duty anti-cheat. Special Thanks to the Anti-cheat police department on Twitter for sharing this leak.

Ricochet Anti-cheat got leaked?

ricochet anti-cheat call of duty

As we can see in the image above, someone has already shared some driver bypass for the new Call of duty anti-cheat and made a discussion thread to contribute to their topic and help them make it even more undetected, Ricochet anti-cheat has been leaked today but we are not sure if this news is true or not but so many hackers have already bypassed it if this seems to be true. which is unfair and unethical.

Now we can only depend on Call of duty to make some significant changes in their anti-cheat system to play warzone without any cheaters. I hope COD makes out a statement about this issue. I am looking forward to seeing how Call of duty works out and fix this issue.

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Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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