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Can Warzone new Anti-cheat Ricochet detect Cronus and XIM?

Ricochet is a new warzone anti-cheat that has been in development for quite some time. Activision has been pushing hard to promote this anti-cheat, and it’s been quite successful until someone allegedly leaked their kernel driver to hackers.

So this question arises: Ricochet, the so-called kernel-based anti-cheat, can even protect the warzone and vanguard from cheaters. If so, then for how long until the hackers bypass the anti-cheat and start making their hacks again.

The most asked concern among users is that will it be able to protect the game from CronusMax and XIM? Conus and Xim are hardware-based cheats and used to manipulate users’ controllers to provide additional benefits like Strong aim-assist, Rapidfire, No Recoil, and more.

In recent QnA, So many questions were asked, but many people were concerned if warzone new anti-cheat will be able to detect these hardware-based hacks like Cronus and XIM.

With these kinds of moded controllers, cheaters are easily able to hack warzone. Devices such as Cronus and XIM and very cheap to buy on the internet, so everybody is hacking these days in the warzone.

Can Warzone new anti-cheat detect Cronus and XIM?

The straightforward answer is NO. Because Ricochet is a kernel-level anti-cheat, it can only detect the game’s memory manipulation and nothing else. In simple words, it means that if a cheat tries to change the game memory, only an anti-cheat can take action on the person.

This video is added to raise awareness and is posted for educational purposes only.

In the case of Cronus and XIM, those are hardware-based devices that are kind of like Macros. These devices are not changing or manipulation the game memory to do specific actions like aimbot or no recoil.

The devs have indeed assured us that they are using machine learning technology to detect specific behaviors and patterns that seem suspicious, which is scary to hear because AI is constantly learning. It can’t be 100% accurate sometimes. AI can be false. Which, in turn, brings the statement that can a regular user get banned?

Also, If there is a Machine learning software that handles detections for Cronus and XIM, then it won’t work as soon as the game arrives because It would still be learning and improving every day, detecting strange patterns from Cronus and XIM.

Still, it’s good to hear that Activision is working with Sony and Microsoft to detect and ban these kinds of hardware. It would take so much time to reach there, but it’s good to hear that it’s in progress.

Is ricochet anti-cheat better than the old warzone anticheat?

The Answer is Yes. It is better than the old warzone anti-cheat means that even if the anti-cheat is unable to ban all the cheaters, it will ban a portion of hacks running rapidly on PC and destroy everybody’s experience.

The current state of the warzone is so bad that I had to quit the game. I am glad that Activision has brought something new to the table. It would be so awesome to hop back into the game with a few fewer cheaters running our day.

There are so many channels helping the warzone community determine the difference between good Call of Duty Players and Cheaters that stream games. We all know that there have been so many cases where streamers were caught hacking in the game.
Channel: Headdband

I still want to see the Call of Duty community thrive like it once way in the good old days. I am sure Activision is trying their best to provide us with that experience. It’s just a little challenging. We all need to be patient. Thanks for reading the article. I hope you all have a nice day.

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