Warzone Pacific: How to Level UP Guns Fast without Vanguard

Warzone Pacific How to Level UP Guns Fast without Vanguard

In this guide, we will talk about the ways through which you can level up your guns in Warzone Pacific totally free without owning vanguard. This may take some patience and time, so make sure you follow all the steps.

Warzone Pacific features a new map called Caldera in Call of Duty Warzone which has a world war themed look and if you have played vanguard earlier than you will totally have a feel of what this is like.

How to level up guns fast?

There are two things that you need to keep in mind: First, you do not have to take gun fights as it will only slow down your progress and the second that operators will also have a set of guns favored by them, so combining them both will level up that gun faster with little extra XP.

  1. If you have Double Weapon XP token enable, it will make this progress much faster.
  2. Now pick up any gun from your loadout that you want to level up.
  3. Choose the game mode Plunder, and hopping in with a friend is advised to get faster XP.
  4. In the pre game, when the timer is still counting, try to shoot down as many players you can.
  5. Now when you are going to land look out for helicopter and top secret contract.
  6. In this contract you can get supply run, recon, scavenger or bounty.
  7. Supply Run will be fastest to complete and then recon, scavenger, bounty respectively.
  8. In terms of scavenger contract, when you take the first one, make sure you wait there and let your friend grab the other one and the next one will spawn near you again.
  9. So complete these contracts, and you can level up your guns faster than any other players.

Try this trick as fast as you can before this gets patched.

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