Wordle Cheats: How Does it Work, Can you Cheat in Wordle?

Wordle is a game that makes you guess a new 5-letter word every day. It doesn’t give you any hint at the start but when you start getting words, it highlights the letter in green if the letter is in the word and in the correct place, yellow if the letter is in the word but not in the correct place, and grey if the letter is not in the word at all. Here’s the catch though, you only get 6 tries like this to get the word.

So, wanting to search for a Wordle cheat is completely valid and understandable. And we’ve got you. This article will highlight a way to cheese your daily wordle and also a way to just straight up cheat.

Wordle Cheat Methods

Wordle Cheat
Wordle Cheat

First, let’s talk about a simple method to cheese your wordle every day just in case your morals won’t allow you to simply cheat in a game like this.

Make sure you do all of these methods in an incognito tab so your browser doesn’t record your cheating. So, in case you want to flaunt to your buddies about getting the words fast, they aren’t able to detect it.

First Method

For this, you simply have to head over to a Crossword Solver and make your word limit to 5 letters. Try out a couple of words in Wordle and get 1 or 2 letter positions correct. Now, put those letters on the solver and press enter.

This will show you some possible solutions for your word. You can enter these, one by one, in your Incognito Tab until you get the correct one. And then, you can put the correct word on your normal tab.

Crossword Solver

Now, moving on to the actual cheating method, this can be partly tricky but you can learn it pretty easily and this Wordle Cheat is easy to do once you know how to.

Second Method

For this, once you have your Wordle open, Right-click anywhere on the browser screen and press Inspect. A window will open on the right side of your screen.

Inspection – Screenshot from JayTechTips

In this window, go to the source option from the top and main file on the left after that. Once you’re here, just scroll to the right of the first line and a list of words will be available to you. These are all the words for every day, one after the other.

It can be better for this Wordle cheat if you know a word for a certain day. You can just press Ctrl+T and type in that word, and it will show you that word on the list, and the words following that are the ones for the next day and following days.

That is all for the Wordle Cheat currently usable on the game. Hope this article was helpful. For Detailed Video for this Method, Click here.

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