WWE 2K22 Release date on Nintendo Switch – Will it Release?

WWE 2k22 is already the most anticipated professional wrestling game, the twenty-sixth game in the whole WWE series, and is a part of the WWE 2k series, which is continued after the 2k Battleground series, which was released on 18 September 2020.

The Platforms on which the 2k22 series will release are PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows except for the Nintendo Switch. So the Question rises – Will WWE 2k22 be released on Switch?

WWE 2k22 Release Date on all Platforms

As the Official WWE2k22 page tweet says, the game is going to release on 11 March 2022 for all the supported platforms, which includes Windows, Xbox, and Playstation.

WWE 2K22 Release on Nintendo Switch?

The Release of WWE 2k22 on Switch is still under the tree, it means the official dates for the switch haven’t been out yet and neither disclosed by the developers of the game.

But wait, if you think it is not possible for WWE 2k22 to release on the switch, then you might be wrong. Here’s the truth, there is still hope that developers can consider this on Switch.

wwe 2k22 release legacy edition

Will WWE 2k22 Release on Switch?

The last WWE title that was on switch is the WWE 2k Battlegrounds on 18 September 2021, instead of making it 2k22, they decided to make it 2k battlegrounds. And Before that among the core series, 2k18 was the last game available on Switch.

So, if you noticed after the 2k18 was released on all the platforms except on switch, the developers considered that and made that available in the next two months, after the release for all the platforms.

We can believe 2k22 is on the switch to release after a two or three-month gap, after it releases on Windows, XBOX, and Playstation on March 11, 2022.

Will There be a Legacy Edition of WWE 2k22 for Switch?

The Legacy Edition just works the same features as the normal game, but with some limitations, or say heavily-reduced edition for WWE 2k22. The game itself is so heavy, full of animations and other stuff.

So it might be heavy for Nintendo devices, so to keep it balanced developers can work on different legacy editions only for switch users where we can see the newly developed front end of the game and menu screens.

Just like FIFA 22 on the switch, we can also expect the developers to make a separate – Legacy edition if they are not willing to release it normally for the Nintendo players.

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