How to Escape Every Prison In BitLife 2022? (All Jail Layouts)

Bitlife is a life simulator where you take control of someone’s life from their birth to the end and you control everything. The game has a vast variety of things to do that you’d do in real life. For a mobile game, this game is very well-made with a lot of attention to detail.

In this article, we will discuss all of the 9 Maximum security prison escapes and how you can easily escape them all using a set amount of steps. It’s like a game of chess where whenever you make a move, the cop will try to make its move towards you to catch you. The cop can make 2 moves for every one move you make. While this seems unfair, you can easily block the cop in little boxes using this guide and escape as many prisons as you want(Not in real life).

Bitlife Maximum Security Prison Escape

There are a total of 9 maximum-security prisons in Bitlife. One of them is of an 8×7 grid and the rest are 8×8. We will be discussing each and every one of them here with a few easy steps to get out of them.

Map 1 – 8×7 Layout

While this might sound like the easiest map to escape in maximum security, that’s far from the truth. In this one, you spawn much nearer to the cop compared to the other maps so your first couple of movements are the most important. Most of the players would think of B-lining to the exit since it’s only a few tiles away but if you try to do that, the cop can catch up to you. Follow the complex set of steps mentioned in the video below properly and you can escape this map.

Map 2 – 8×8 Layout

In this layout, you’re supposed to, funnily enough, trap the cop in the same box where you spawn in order to escape this prison. You’re supposed to take a bunch of lefts, rights, ups, and downs to trap the cop at various different places so you can finally escape and commit more crimes, in-game of course.

Map 3 – 8×8 Layout

It hurts to see yourself spawn so close to the exit compared to the cop who spawns on the other side of the map, but you still can’t B-line to it. This particular map layout has a lot of back-and-forth movement that can easily confuse a lot of people. You have to trap the cop in three different boxed-in areas. Follow the following guide step-by-step because this map can make you get lost easily.

Map 4 – 8×8 Layout

At least in this map, you spawn far away from the exit while the cop spawns near it, as it should be. This map is fairly easier and probably requires the least amount of steps compared to all the ones done until now. While I’m sure most of the people can figure this out easily, here’s a guide to make it even easier!

Map 5 – 8×8 Layout

Never mind what I said last time, THIS is the easiest map layout in the maximum-security prisons. It contains a ton of little crevices that you can trap the cop in. It’s a game of chess, except the cop can’t make his moves if he’s trapped. While there is a fair bit of back-and-forth in this map, you can easily follow this guide to get through it.

Map 6 – 8×8 Layout

By this point, you’ve probably figured out how the cop movement works. For every move you make, the cop tries to catch up to you using a horizontal and a vertical move. This is exactly what you use against the cop to trap him in places where he can’t make one or both of these type of moves, allowing you to easily escape.

Map 7 – 8×8 Layout

This is the most barren layout out of all the maximum-security prisons. It has a lot of open space with only one proper boxed-in crevice that is facing the exit and can’t be used properly. It can be a difficult task to get the cop where you need him to be to be able to escape and even after that, it’s a very close call at the end which would make most of you sweat. Here’s a guide.

Map 8 – 8×8 Layout

This is one of the most maze-like maps in the entirety of maximum security prisons. You can get lost here while trying to juke the cop. Follow this easy and fast-paced guide to easily escape this prison.

Map 9 – 8×8 Layout

By this time, I’m sure you’re a prison escape god yourself and you can escape any prison no matter what is thrown at you. Knowing the cop’s movement properly is one of the major aspects of this prison escape. Here’s the last guide for the last maximum security map.

That will do for all the prison escapes in Bitlife. Hope this article was helpful.

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