How to Copy & Clone any Discord Server 2022 (Two Best Ways)

Discord is a great place and here you can connect and create many types of groups as per your need. Students can have Educational types of servers, Gamers can have a lovely gaming server and even more types of servers exist on Discord.

But it does take a lot of effort to create a better or maybe the best discord server, and it feels very bad if some crash destroys it! Or some bug makes the server blank! To be on the safe side, every discord owner should have a backup for it.

Today, we are gonna discuss two ways with which you can create clones or backup a discord server very easily. So follow the steps and give your server, a backup life.

Ways to Clone any Discord Server

Here we are going to share two ways to clone a discord server, whichever fulfills your need, go with that.

With “Xenon Bot”

With the Xenon bot, you can do a lot with your discord server, and backing up your server is one of those things.

  • Firstly create a new server on discord, where you are gonna backup your main server.
  • Now go to the Xenon Bot website. (Search it on Google or click here)
  • There click on the Invite button and add the Xenon bot to your main server and backup server.
  • Now go to your discord servers.
  • In server settings, place the Xenon bot at the top in the Roles(give it the highest role hierarchy). Do this in both the servers.
  • Now in the Chats of your main server, type /backup create.
  • This will create a backup file and you will get the backup id there.
  • Now go to your backup server and type /backup load backup_id: [your backup’s id].
  • It may give a confirmation prompt message, just type /confirm.
  • Soon the bot will delete all the existing channels and all the backups will be loaded on this server with roles and settings.

The only condition is that you should own the server. If yes, you are good to go with the Xenon bot.

With “Discord-Server-Cloner”

If you are seeking another method to clone a discord server, you can do it with the help of cloner software.

  • Install the Discord server cloner from GitHub. Click here to download.
  • Extract the file to the desktop and open the folder.
  • Type “cmd” in the address bar of the file manager after opening the folder.
  • Command prompt with the directory of the extracted folder is opened.
  • type “install -r requirements.txt”
  • And after the process, type “python main.py”.
  • The command prompt will ask for the token of your discord.
    • For a token of your discord, open your discord account on a browser.
    • On discord, press Ctrl + Shift + I.
    • Go to Console, and paste the token code there. (Click here for the token code)
    • Paste the whole code there, and copy the token code which comes in the next line.
    • Paste that code in the command prompt.
  • Now it will ask for the prefix character, so enter any character you like. (such as $, %, etc.)
  • It will give a command.
  • Type that command in any channel of any server.
  • Just wait and your backup server will be created.

So these are the two ways to backup discord servers. If you are using someone else’s design with this method, you should change its design as per your need. But we prefer that you should take permission before doing something like this.

Hope you have got your answers here. Now you can give a second backup life to your discord server. So you can work and edit your servers, with the relief of not losing whole progress.

Have a great day.


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