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Dynasty Legends 2 Officer Tier List (July 2022)

If you get pleasure from taking part in action games with Chinese dynasty lore and theme, particularly if you bear in mind taking part in Dynasty Warriors, dynasty Legends two is the game for you. During this dynasty Legends two Tier List, we’ve got classified the officers from dynasty Legends two in keeping with their strengths to create it less complicated to finish all of the present quests.

This list of dynasty Legends’ two officer levels ought to solely be taken as a guide, as totally different methods and processes will yield different results for players. This tier list is split into S, A, and B classes.

  • S-Tier: Officers consisting of this tier are extraordinarily powerful and have special skills. Utilizing these officers is powerfully suggested as a result they create a big contribution to the team.
  • A-Tier: This tier contains fairly robust officers, however not as sturdy as tier S, thanks to the comparatively normal skills.
  • B-Tier: Officers during this tier are fairly mediocre as a result of their skills having very little impact on the team or formation throughout the battle. However, once the character is upgraded, it’s still worthy to use.

Classified Tier List of Dynasty Legends 2 Officer for July 2022

S-TierDa Qiao,
Diaochan Sun,
Dong Zhuo,
Guan Yu,
Guo Jia,
Pang Tong,
Shang Xiang,
Zhang Jiao,
Zhao Yun
A-TierSun Quan,
Yuan Shao,
Yuan Shu,
Xiahou Dun,
Xiao Qiao,
Xu Shu,
Zhang He
B-TierHuang Gai,
Liu Bei,
Wen Chou,
Xu Huang,
Xu Shu,
Xu You

The BEST Pair of the character according to the META

Pair No.1

Officer Lu Bu is our choice for Chief Officer. because of his attributes’ extreme resistless levels in terms of harm, control, viability, mobility, scope, and utility, Lu Bu was bold and unbeatable on the track. once using the ultimate, Lu Bu enters a diabolical State and gains new, unbelievably useful skills just like the ability to leap over enemies, control them, and deal further harm.

We advise Xiao Qiao as a lieutenant owing to her skills to heal allies and summon creatures to attack enemies. An extremely qualified Xiao Qiao officer who will support his allies.

Pair No. 2

We suggest officer Zhang jiao as Chief Officer during this pair-up. Zhang Jiao is very powerful, particularly against multiple enemies directly, due to his wonderful AOE skills.

As his lieutenant, we propose officer Yuan Shao as Zhang jiao’s lieutenant as a result they need a bond that will unlock bonus attributes. additionally, Yuan Shao is in a position to feature a barrier to his ally’s arm so it will absorb any damage all around it.

Pair No.3

Officer Pang Tong is whom I shall recommend for Chief Officer. along with his fire rocket launcher, Pang Tong excels at ranged attacks. He conjointly includes a damage ability and a passive ability to heal sixty per cent of HP.

The lieutenant should be a melee officer as a result of Pang Tong typically attacks from a distance. As a lieutenant, I counsel Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo could be a capable officer once it involves defence. The close combat can thus be handled by Dong Zhuo because the chief officer attack from a distance.

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